Angular6 music player to search and play YouTube, SoundCloud and Mixcloud tracks
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Multiple providers – One player

Cloud-Player combines the libraries of multiple streaming providers into a single music player. Search for tracks on Youtube, SoundCloud or on Mixcloud and play them without switching between browser tabs. We are planning to extend Cloud-Player with even more music providers in the future. So far, it is using the official YouTube Data API, SoundCloud API and Mixcloud API

Start the webplayer

Native desktop player

We also have a native desktop player for macOS and Windows, so you can install the Cloud-Player app on your desktop and control the player with your media keys on your keyboard.

Get the native desktop app

No signup required

You get a temporary account when you start Cloud-Player the first time so you don’t have to sign up. The account will be automatically deleted when you are not using Cloud-Player for more than 30 days. To persist your account and use it accross devices, login with your SoundCloud or YouTube account.

Add tracks to playlists

Create a Cloud-Player playlist to add YouTube, SoundCloud and Mixcloud tracks. Tracks can be also saved as favourites. Connect with your SoundCloud and YouTube account to synchronise already existing playlists and favourite tracks.

Continuous playback

Play tracks without any breaks thanks to our preloading and crossfading technology. When a track has finished playing you don’t have to wait until the next track starts playing. We also save your play queue automatically so when you come back later you can continue where you left off.


Cloud Player is a study project created at HTW Berlin by

Alexander Zarges


Nicolas Drebenstedt


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Cloud-Player is neither related to YouTube, SoundCloud or Mixcloud nor was it build on behalf of YouTube, SoundCloud or Mixcloud.