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Java EE 6 Web Profile with Continuous Deployment

This ClickStart is a full Java EE 6 Web Profile application, with a database and continuous deployment. Launch this ClickStart and it will generate a database, app, source repo and build service for you.

This is an example of the jboss container in action. It showcases JPA and persistence configuration EE 6 style and how to setup an app that uses persistence.xml with a CloudBees database. To make changes, clone your generated repo. Any changes you then push will be build and deployed.

Following are instructions if you want to set this up manually:


  • Install Maven 3.0.4+
  • Sign up for an account at
  • Install the CloudBees SDK (for bees commands)


Get the source

git clone git://

Build the WAR file

mvn package

Deploy the WAR file

bees app:deploy -t jboss -a MYAPP_ID target/jboss-db-example.war

Create a database for the app

bees db:create -u DB_USER -p DB_PASSWORD DBNAME

Bind the database to the app (using datasource alias "ExampleDS" defined in persistence.xml)

bees app:bind -db DBNAME -a MYAPP_ID -as ExampleDS

Restart the app (to inject the new database binding)

bees app:restart MYAPPID
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