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CloudBees ClickStack for Tomcat7
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Tomcat 7 ClickStack

To use:

bees app:deploy -t tomcat7 -a APP_ID WAR_FILE

Tomcat 7 ClickStack for CloudBees PaaS. Deploy any Servlet2.x/3.x/JSP.


  • OpenJDK 6
  • Bash shell
  • Make tools
  • Apache Maven


$ make clean pkg

After successful build is created and can be uploaded to the CloudBees platform location by the CloudBees team.

Local development

Note: You should be familiar with developing ClickStacks using the genapp system first. [see docs]

  • Build the plugin project using make to prepare for use in local app deploys
  • In plugins_home, add a symlink to the tomcat7-clickstack/pkg dir named 'tomcat7'

    $ ln -s tomcat7-clickstack/pkg PLUGINS_HOME/tomcat7

  • In your metadata.json, you can now reference the stack using the name 'tomcat7'

    { "app": { "plugins": ["tomcat7"] } }

Testing the plugin on CloudBees

You can deploy the to S3 using the following command:

$ make publish_repo=dev publish

If you don't have S3 creds or tools setup, follow the instructions in the publish error messages.

Once the plugin is published to a public URL, you can update an app to use it with the CloudBees SDK:

$ bees app:deploy -a APP_ID -t tomcat7 -RPLUGIN.SRC.tomcat7=URL_TO_YOUR_PLUGIN_ZIP PATH_TO_WARFILE


  • Add idle/active timeouts
  • Add private app support (perhaps via router instead?)
  • Add cloudbees-web.xml support
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