A Bosh release for Apache Mesos
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Bosh release for Apache Mesos

This is a simple Bosh release for Apache Mesos. The release contains four jobs

  1. A Mesos master job
  2. A Mesos slave
  3. A Jenkins CI master
  4. A Marathon job
  5. An Apache Storm job


To build:

  1. Run git clone https://github.com/cghsystems/bosh-jenkins-mesos
  2. cd bosh-jenkins-mesos
  3. Run bosh create release
  4. Run bosh upload release
  5. Run bosh deployment manifests/mesos-jenkins-boshlite.yml
  6. Run bosh deploy. This stage takes about 15 minutes running on a MacBook Pro running OSX Mavericks with 16gb RAM and an Intel core I7 2.7ghz. The majority of the time is taken up compiling Apache Mesos.
  7. Add tests


Once deployed Jenkins should be available at and the Mesos console should be available at There should be a single registered Mesos slave visible under the Slaves tab.

To create a Jenkins job that will run on Mesos add the label 'mesos' to the jobs (configure -> Restrict where this project can run checkbox) that you want to be run on a Jenkins slave launched on Mesos. Test out the connection via the 'Cloud' section under 'Configure Jenkins'


Apache Marathon should be available at

Road Map

  1. Create Zoo Keeper managed Apache Mesos Cluster
  2. Seperate all jobs in to seperate Bosh releases
  3. Add Marathon supporti
  4. Add Chronos support
  5. Add Storm support


An Rspec acceptance test pack lives under the test directory. To run the tests, deploy the release and then execute Bundler as follows:

bundle install
bundle exec rspec


This is not presently a production ready Apache Mesos release. This is a work in progress. Please raise any issue to chris@cloudcredo.com

The release has been created and tested against Bosh Lite with Bosh client version BOSH 1.2560.0.