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Take an element, leave an element
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Cloud Elements has created a community of custom made elements that can be viewed, downloaded, and shared. This is an independent catalog of abstract elements created by customers, partners and Cloud Elements developers. Additionally, this community supports our partners leveraging CloudElements technology.


To begin using any of the previously created elements within this repo, fork this repo to your own github environment and make all changes on your local version of the repo. Then create a pull request from your forked branch to the open source repo.

alt text


To contribute we ask that you create a folder that contains the Element JSON as well as a short README file with a description of what you built (endpoint name and resources available so people can see them without importing the Element), a link to the documentation you used when creating the Element, and any known endpoint limitation that might affect how your Element works.

Check out a simple example of an element if you are unsure of how to get started

Review the Contributing Guidelines before opening a pull request.

If this is the first Element that you are building or sharing Please see our Element Builder Documentation.


Please read the Code of Conduct before using the provided elements. These elements have been created for or by customers and are not maintained or updated by Cloud Elements. Therefore, these elements should be used at your own risk, and we recommend you test them and enhance them to meet your own needs before using them in a production environment. Community Elements may lack unification features such as Auth, Eventing and Bulk initially, but in most cases can be easily added by utilizing our Element Builder tools. Make sure to plan this in to your development time and consideration when using a community element. Additionally, the elements provided in this community are used privately within your own Element Catalog. The public Cloud Elements catalog of pre-built API integrations can be found on our website.

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