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@kurozael kurozael released this Jul 19, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release

The recommended Clockwork version for this release is Clockwork 0.99


  • Fixed "Tokens" and "Wages" display issues
  • Fixed an error which occured under certain conditions whilst viewing the scoreboard
  • Prevented the Combine prefix and suffix from showing in OOC chat
  • Fixed voices not working in dispatch chat
  • Fixed DvL being able to promote people to DvL rank
  • Made faction starting inventories configurable
  • Made faction respawn inventories configurable
  • Made faction max health configurable
  • Made faction max armour configurable
  • Made the faction start and end chat typing beeps configurable
  • Made faction default weapons configurable
  • Converted the built-in name-based ranking system to Clockwork's, allowing configurability
  • Converted the built-in voices library to Clockwork's
  • Moved the gamemode content to within the cwhl2rp directory
  • Moved Combine player models into a police subdirectory
  • Added NPC relationships to factions
  • Added a vortigaunt faction and voices
  • Added ::> suffix to Combine chat text
  • Added the dull_vision config to toggle dull vision
  • Moved scanners into their own faction
  • Fixed menuitem images not being networked to clients
  • Fixed agility progression
  • Implemented the power_node item, for use with /charheal on scanners
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