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CloudSlang is a YAML based language for writing human-readable workflows for the CloudSlang Orchestration Engine . This project includes the CLI to trigger flows.

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Getting started:

Pre-Requisite: Java JRE >= 7
  1. Download the CloudSlang CLI file named cslang-cli-with-content:
  2. Extract it.
  3. Go to the folder /cslang/bin/
  4. Run the executable :
  • For Windows : cslang.bat
  • For Linux : bash cslang
  1. Run a simple example print text flow: run --f ../content/io/cloudslang/base/print/ --i text=first_flow


All documentation is available on the CloudSlang website.

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Building and Testing from Source

  1. Maven version >= 3.0.3
  2. Java JDK version >= 7
  1. git clone the source code
  2. mvn clean install
  3. Run the CLI executable from cloudslang-cli\target\cslang\bin

CloudSlang Docker Image

Just use:

docker pull cloudslang/cloudslang

And run it using:

docker run -it cloudslang/cloudslang

CloudSlang npm Package


The CloudSlang command line interface.

Install this globally and you'll have access to the cslang command anywhere on your system.

npm install -g cloudslang-cli

Now you can just use the cslang command anywhere


Node.js & Java installed.

cslang-cli page in the npm repository.