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2.0.0 - March 13, 2019 (sha 10e28a0d07251af4a424fcbf11435fa4d52e5277)

  • This is a major release which contains many improvements and some breaking changes to the interface, but the changes are fairly straightforward.
  • Support for Google Cloud (thanks to @mbookman, @chiniforooshan, @baizhang)
  • Support for middleware, event listening and interception, allowing CloudBridge to be extended without needing to modify library code (This is also potentially useful for handling corner cases for specific clouds).
  • The mock provider is now available by default as a standard cloud provider, which is useful for testing applications that use CloudBridge.
  • Providers now operate in a single zone, and therefore, all methods that previously required the zone as a parameter no longer do. Specifically, instance.create(), volume.create(), subnet.create, subnet.get_or_create_default() are affected in services, and snap.create_volume is affected in resources. The provider's default zone must now be specified through the provider config.
  • All exceptions that are generated by CloudBridge will now extend from CloudBridgeBaseException
  • The cloud package is deprecated and everything under it has been moved one level up. For example, instead of from import CloudProviderFactory use from cloudbridge.factory import CloudProviderFactory.
  • Services are much more uniform now, and sub-services have been introduced for greater uniformity. For example, net.create_subnet() is now net.subnets.create()
  • gateways.get_or_create_inet_gateway() is now simply gateways.get_or_create()
  • AWS instance types are now served through Amazon CloudFront for better performance.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

1.0.2 - September 25, 2018 (sha 621aeed1a8d7c5ad270649f8ee960e9682e57dae)

  • Added AWS instance types caching for better performance
  • Added router.subnets property
  • Ensure the default network for CloudBridge on AWS has subnets

1.0.1 - September 7, 2018. (sha 3130492008c5e0e115b8dfec880d32a4ac90b761)

  • Fixed minor bug when retrieving buckets with only limited access.
  • Relaxed some library version dependencies (e.g. six).

1.0.0 - September 6, 2018. (sha 11bccd822f21a598fc753995440cf1a409984889)

  • Added Microsoft Azure as a provider.
  • Restructured the interface to make it more comprehensible and uniform across all supported providers. See issue #69 for more details as well as the library layout image for an easy visual reference:
  • Migrated AWS implementation to use the boto3 library (thanks @01000101)
  • Cleaned up use of name property for resources. Resources now have id, name, and label properties to represent respectively: a unique identifier supplied by the provider; a descriptive, unchangeable name; and a user-supplied label that can be modified during the existence of a resource.
  • Added enforcement of name and label value: names must be at least 3 characters in length at minimum, and 64 characters at maximum, consisting of only lower case letters and dashes. Should not start or end with a dash.
  • Refactored tests and extracted standard interface tests where all resources are being tested using the same code structure. Also, tests will run only for providers that implement a given service.
  • Moved the repository from to org.
  • When deleting an OpenStack network, clear any ports.
  • Added support for launching OpenStack instances into a specific subnet
  • Update image list interface to allow filtering by owner.
  • When listing images on AWS, filter only the ones by current account owner.
  • Retrieve AWS instance types from a public service to include latest values.
  • Instance state uses DELETED state instead of TERMINATED.
  • Return VM type RAM in GB.
  • Add implementation for generate_url on OpenStack.
  • General documentation updates.

0.3.3 - August 7, 2017. (sha 348e1e88935f61f53a83ed8d6a0e012a46621e25)

  • Remove explicit versioning of requests and Babel.

0.3.2 - June 10, 2017. (sha f07f3cbd758a0872b847b5537d9073c90f87c24d)

  • Patch release to support files>5GB with OpenStack (thanks @MartinPaulo).
  • Misc bug fixes.

0.3.1 - April 18, 2017. (sha f36a462e886d8444cb2818f6573677ecf0565315)

  • Patch for binary file handling in OpenStack.

0.3.0 - April 11, 2017. (sha 13539ccda9e4809082796574d18b1b9bb3f2c624)

  • Reworked test framework to rely on tox's test generation features. This allows for individual test cases to be run on a per provider basis.
  • Added more OpenStack swift config options (OS_AUTH_TOKEN and OS_STORAGE_URL)
  • Added supports for accessing EC2 containers with restricted permissions.
  • Removed exists() method from object store interface. Use get()==None check instead.
  • New method (img.min_disk) for getting size of machine image.
  • Test improvements (flake8 during build, more tests).
  • Misc bug fixes and improvements.
  • Changed library to beta state
  • General documentation updates (testing, release process)

0.2.0 - March 23, 2017. (sha a442d96b829ea2c721728520b01981fa61774625)

  • Reworked the instance launch method to require subnet vs. network. This removed the option of adding network interface to a launch config object.
  • Added object store methods: upload from file path, list objects with a prefix, check if an object exists, (AWS only) get an accessible URL for an object (thanks @VJalili).
  • Modified get_ec2_credentials() method to get_or_create_ec2_credentials()
  • Added an option to read provider config values from a file (~/.cloudbridge or /etc/cloudbridge).
  • Replaced py35 with py36 for running tests.
  • Added logging configuration for the library.
  • General documentation updates.

0.1.1 - Aug 10, 2016. (sha 0122fb1173c88ae64e40140ffd35ff3797e9e4ad)

  • For AWS, always launch instances into private networking (i.e., VPC).
  • Support for using OpenStack Keystone v3.
  • Add functionality to manipulate routers and routes.
  • Add FloatingIP resource type and integrate with Network service.
  • Numerous documentation updates.
  • For an OpenStack provider, add method to get the ec2 credentials for a user.

0.1.0 - Jan 30, 2016.

  • Initial release of CloudBridge.
  • Support for Bucket, Instance, Instance type, Key pair, Machine image. Region, Security group, Snapshot, Volume, Network and Subnet services.
  • Support for paging results, block device mapping and launching into VPCs.
  • Support for AWS and OpenStack clouds.
  • Basic usage docs and complete API docs.
  • 95% test coverage.
  • Support for AWS mock test provider (via moto).
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