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Added keypair and security service stubs.

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nuwang committed Jan 22, 2016
1 parent 82c0244 commit e90a7f6885814a3477cd0b38398d62af64f91093
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  1. +26 −0 cloudbridge/cloud/providers/gce/
@@ -1,7 +1,33 @@
from import BaseKeyPairService
from import BaseSecurityGroupService
from import BaseSecurityService

class GCESecurityService(BaseSecurityService):

def __init__(self, provider):
super(GCESecurityService, self).__init__(provider)

# Initialize provider services
self._key_pairs = GCEKeyPairService(provider)
self._security_groups = GCESecurityGroupService(provider)

def key_pairs(self):
return self._key_pairs

def security_groups(self):
return self._security_groups

class GCEKeyPairService(BaseKeyPairService):

def __init__(self, provider):
super(GCEKeyPairService, self).__init__(provider)

class GCESecurityGroupService(BaseSecurityGroupService):

def __init__(self, provider):
super(GCESecurityGroupService, self).__init__(provider)

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