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import io
import csv
import os
import sqlalchemy
import re
s3 = CloudWright.get_module("aws_api").resource("s3")
email = CloudWright.get_module("gmail")
mysql = CloudWright.get_module("mysql")
# This script checks for new files in the s3://cloudwright-examples-file-automation/input directory. On file receipt, it:
# - converts the file from CSV to TSV
# - moves the file to processed/
# - emails the customer about the file receipt
# - posts a message on slack that the file has arrived
bucket_name = 'cloudwright-examples-file-automation'
bucket = s3.Bucket(bucket_name)
files_processed = 0
# Scan for files in the input directory of the S3 bucket
for object_summary in bucket.objects.filter(Prefix='input'):
if(object_summary.size > 0):
detected_file = object_summary.key
# Look for files in a subdirectory for each customer, corresponding to custmer ID
match = re.match(r"input/([0-9]+)/([\w.]+)", detected_file)
if match:
customer_id =
file_name =
target_key = f'processed/{customer_id}/{file_name}'
print(f"Detected a new file for customer {customer_id}: {file_name}")
print(f"Copying file to {target_key}")
# Lightweight reformatting -- split the file on comma, and join it on tabs
output = list(map(lambda l: "\t".join(l.decode().split(",")), object_summary.get()['Body'].iter_lines()))
new_file = s3.Object(bucket_name, target_key)
# Write the reformatted file to the processed directory.
# Look up the customer by ID in the file automation database
customer = mysql.execute(sqlalchemy.text("SELECT email,name FROM customers where ID=:customer_id"), customer_id=customer_id).fetchone()
customer_email = customer[0]
customer_name = customer[1]
print("Found owner for file: {customer_name}, contact: {customer_email}")
# Use the linked email sender module to send the customer an email to let them know the file has arrived
print("Notifying customer about file receipt")
email.send_email("We got your file!", f"We received your file {file_name} and are processing it now. Stay tuned!", customer_email)
# Clean up the input file so we won't find it next run.
print('Removing input file')
s3.Object(bucket_name, detected_file).delete()
files_processed += 1
CloudWright.response.set_value({'processed_files': files_processed})
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