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Dmenu client for MPD

Provides lolimpd CLI program that can act as simple mpc replacement.
It's main function is to be backend for the dmenu frontend however.

Before compiling lolimpd, you should change MUSIC_DIR (line 17) to be same as the database location in your mpd configuration.
It's possible to leave it empty, in case 'lolimpd add' and local cover art support is not needed.


lolimpd             - print current playing song (--with-cover argument to include cover art)

lolimpd add <path>  - add <path> inside the MUSIC_DIR defined in lolimpc.c
                      tries to detect and load playlists/songs automatically from directory
                      sorts files that were not playlist automatically

lolimpd ls          - list all songs in playlist (--with-cover argument to include cover art)
lolimpd clear       - clear playlist
lolimpd play        - start playing current song
lolimpd play <song> - tries to search the song using dmenu like matching and start playing it
lolimpd stop        - stop playback
lolimpd pause       - pause playback
lolimpd toggle      - pause/play toggle
lolimpd next/prev   - next/prev song in queue
lolimpd repeat      - toggle playlist repeat
lolimpd single      - toggle single play
lolimpd consume     - toggle consume mode
lolimpd crossfade   - similar to mpc crossfade

lolimpdnu is the lolimpd frontend using dmenu.

By default lolimpdnu is designed to be used with single big playlist containing all songs.
Incase no big playlists are being used or multiple playlists are swapped the NOCACHE parameter at line 16 should be set to true.
This disables lolimpdnu song cache for faster startup.

For cover art and selection index store support dmenu-pango-imlib should be used.
Incase no coverart or selection index store support is not needed, set the HAS_IMLIB_DMENU to false at line 8.


lolimpdnu <filter>   - lists songs using dmenu. optional song filter can be specified
lolimpdnu -c         - clear lolimpdnu cache file if used. use when the playlist has changed
lolimpdnu -g         - generate thumbnails for all album cover arts (needs dmenu-pango-imlib)