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OpenGL framework
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Update camera.c

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3rdparty Cleanup glhckm exported code
CMake/modules Fixed CMake files for GLES building
example Make emscripten mainloop static
include/glhck Added glhckCameraPointViewCoordinates
lib Update texhck
src Update camera.c
.gitmodules Add chck as submodule and remove _glhckBuffer Add chck as submodule and remove _glhckBuffer
CMakeLists.txt Get MATH_LIBRARY in root CMakeLists and link openctm against it Add buildhck status image
TODO Add TODO Pylint compatible


buildhck status

Nothing interesting here yet... Move on.


Screenshot Screenshot2 Screenshot3


git submodule update --init --recursive  # - initialize and fetch submodules
mkdir target && cd target                # - create build target directory
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=build ..    # - run CMake, set install directory
make                                     # - compile

Running example(s)

cd target                                # - cd to your target directory
./example/display                        # - for example


cd target                                # - cd to your target directory
make install                             # - install

Addons for GLhck

Projects using GLhck

Thanks to

  • GLEW - OpenGL Extension Wrangler
  • GLFW - OpenGL Window/Context manager
  • GLSW - The OpenGL Shader Wrangler
  • Font-Stash - Dynamic font glyph cache
  • ACTC - Triangle consolidator
  • Kazmath - C Math library
  • STB-stuff - Used as freetype replacement
  • UTF-8 Decoder - Flexible and Economical UTF-8 Decoder
  • Assimp - Open Asset Import Library
  • OpenCTM - Open Compressed Triangle Mesh file format
  • Imlib2 - GLhck's image format loaders are based on imlib2
  • Kakwafont - GLhck's builtin font
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