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OpenGL framework
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git submodule update --init --recursive  # - initialize and fetch submodules
mkdir target && cd target                # - create build target directory
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=build ..    # - run CMake, set install directory
make                                     # - compile

Running example(s)

cd target                                # - cd to your target directory
./example/display                        # - for example


cd target                                # - cd to your target directory
make install                             # - install

Addons for GLhck

Projects using GLhck

Thanks to

  • GLEW - OpenGL Extension Wrangler
  • GLFW - OpenGL Window/Context manager
  • GLSW - The OpenGL Shader Wrangler
  • Font-Stash - Dynamic font glyph cache
  • ACTC - Triangle consolidator
  • Kazmath - C Math library
  • STB-stuff - Used as freetype replacement
  • UTF-8 Decoder - Flexible and Economical UTF-8 Decoder
  • Assimp - Open Asset Import Library
  • OpenCTM - Open Compressed Triangle Mesh file format
  • Imlib2 - GLhck's image format loaders are based on imlib2
  • Kakwafont - GLhck's builtin font
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