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→ tiny(!) and monsterous!

This is xcb port of monsterwm tiling window manager. For more detailed README refer to monsterwm


You need xcb and xcb-utils then, copy config.def.h as config.h and edit to suit your needs. Build and install.

$ cp config.def.h config.h
$ $EDITOR config.h
$ make
# make clean install

The packages in Arch Linux needed for example would be libxcb xcb-util xcb-util-wm xcb-util-keysym


Fill bugs only on monsterwm-xcb, when you are sure the bug doesn't occur on monsterwm.

monsterwm-xcb issues | monsterwm issues


Licensed under MIT/X Consortium License, see LICENSE file for more copyright and license information.


the suckless team for dwm, moetunes for dminiwm, pyknite for catwm, c00kiemonster for monsterwm