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.TH MONSTERWM 1 monsterwm-xcb
monsterwm \- minimal and dynamic tiling window manager
.B monsterwm
.RB [ \-v ]
monsterwm is a very minimal, lightweight, tiny but monsterous, dynamic tiling
window manager with floating mode support. It will try to stay as small as
It allows the "normal" method of tiling window managers (with the new window as
the master) and with the new window opened at the bottom of the stack
.B monsterwm
three other modes available:
.I Bottom stack
where the slave clients (the smaller "windows") are tiled beneath the master.
.I Grid mode
where, once there are four or more cliens in a workspace, they are all
equally divided into a grid.
.I Monocle mode
or fullscreen mode, where the clients take up the entire workspace, and additional
clients are hidden behind the current shown window.
.I Floating mode
where, windows can move and be resized freely in the screen space. Windows
retain their floating status until the user switches to a tiling mode.
.B \-v
prints version information to standard output, then exits.
.SS Status bar
monsterwm does not provide a status bar. Consistent with the Unix philosophy,
monsterwm provides information to the status bar or panel of choice via text.
.SS Keyboard and mouse commands
All of
.I monsterwm's
commands can be customized by editing
.I config.h
and recompiling. The default key-bindings include:
.B Mod1\-Shift\-Return
.BR xterm (1).
.B Mod4\-v
.BR dmenu (1).
.B Mod1\-b
Toggles the panel on and off.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-t
Sets tiled layout.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-m
Sets monocle layout.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-b
Sets bottom stack layout
.B Mod1\-Shift\-g
Sets grid layout
.B Mod1\-j
Focus next window.
.B Mod1\-k
Focus previous window.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-j
Move the focussed window down the stack
.B Mod1\-Shift\-k
Move the focussed window up the stack
.B Mod1\-l
Increase master area size.
.B Mod1\-h
Decrease master area size.
.B Mod1\-Return
Swaps the focused window to/from master area (tiled layouts only).
.B Mod1\-Backspace
Focus the window that raised an urgent hint. If no such window in current desktop,
search other desktops, and focus the desktop and window that raised the urgent hint.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-{Left,Right}
Rotate to the next/previous desktop
.B Mod1\-Shift\-c
Close focused window.
.B Mod1\-Tab
Toggles to the last selected desktop.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-q
Quit monsterwm.
.B Mod1\-F{1..n}
Move to the nth workspace. By default,
.I monsterwm
is configured with four workspaces.
.B Mod1\-Shift\-F{1..n}
Move focused window to nth workspace.
.B Mod1\-m
Move the mouse pointer to the rightmost screen edge.
.B Mod1\-Button1
Dragging the mouse will move the selected window
.B Mod1\-Button3
Dragging the mouse will resize the selected window
.B Mod4\-Button3
will bring up
.I dmenu
.I monsterwm
is customized by copying
.I config.def.h
.I config.h
and (re)compiling the source code.
.BR dmenu (1)
.I monsterwm
is under active development. Please report all bugs to the author.
Ivan Kanakarakis <ivan.kanak at>
Jari Vetoniemi <cloudef at>