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Cloudentity Developer Self Service Examples
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Cloudentity Web Auth Samples

This repository contains examples for using the Cloudentity Web Auth library used to facilitate authentication with Cloudentity. Setting up authentication for your application couldn’t been easier and only requires these simple steps below. Try it out using the Cloudentity demo. After starting your trial, create your JS Single Page App in the Cloudentity developer self service and follow the steps there to see how easy it is.


To play with each example project:

  1. Go to it's directory and install all dependencies:

    npm install
  2. Update settings.js file with your Cloudentity domain and client id:

       domain: 'your-domain',       // e.g. ''
       clientId: 'your-client-id',
  3. Make sure you have http://localhost:8000 added to your Redirect URLs in Application Settings.

  4. Start example server:

    npm start
  5. Open following URL in your browser:

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