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Zendesk Guide Pusher

What is this?

A node module to help you push and download your Zendesk help center theme, in terms allowing you to version control your theme. Note that this is only for html, css and js. Assets and Appearance need to be handled in the Zendesk theme editor. At the time of writing, the theme editor is in Guide > Guide Admin > Customize design (Eye icon)

How to install

Node >= 4
Add this line to package.json dependencies:

"zendesk-guide-pusher": "git+ssh://"

Preparing config data

  • Login to your Zendesk theme editor with chrome devtools open
  • Go to the network tab and check "preserve log"
  • Make a change to a file and click save
  • Find the PUT request to{your_help_center_id}.
  • Grab the Cookie and X-CSRF-Token from the request headers and the "help center id" and "theme id" from the response, keep them in this format: Note: Cookie and X-CSRF-Token will change everytime you login
      HOST: '<>',
      HC_ID: '<your_help_center_id>',
      THEME_ID: '',
      COOKIE: '',
      CSRF_TOKEN: ''


For a boilerplate theme project implementing this module, please have a look at Cloudhuset/Zendesk-Guide-Pusher-Boilerplate



Returns: promise
Will download the theme files (html, css, js) and saved them in theme folder


Returns: promise
Will process the theme files and upload (won't publish). You can then check your changes in the Zendesk theme editor.
Note: Using this function somehow won't change the publish button state in the theme editor. Need to run the publish function below for publishing.


Returns: promise
Will publish whatever in the theme editor.