Boilerplate for making a Zendesk App with React.js and Redux
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Boilerplate for Zendesk App Framework v2 using React


  • React
  • Redux
  • Redux Thunk
  • Webpack
  • Babel
  • SASS compiler
  • CSS modules

How to use it

Start by cloning this repository with git clone

From the root folder you can run the following commands:
Run npm install to install node modules
Run npm run dev to compile and watch src files for changes
Run npm run prod to compile for production. This will minify/uglify your build so it's ready for packaging.

App folder:
The app/ folder is where your Zendesk app lives. From in here you will run the ZAT (Zendesk App Tool) commands, to package the app, run development server, etc. Please read the Zendesk documentation if you have questions regarding the structure of this folder, and other things regarding the app framework.

Do you have any ideas?

Please let us know by making an issue here on github. Also feel free to contribute to the development, by making a pull request.