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Computer database

Status: Tested
Description: Computer database
Maintainer: Cloudify
Maintainer email:
Contributors: Adam Lavie , Eitan Yanovsky and tamirko
Demo: cloudifysourcetv
License: Apache 2.0
Build: Cloudify 2.2.0 M2 and Cloudify 2.2.0 M4
Linux* sudoer permissions: Mandatory
Release Date: August 10th 2012

Tested on:

  • EC2: CentOs
  • OpenStack: CentOs

We disable the requiretty flag in /etc/sudoers on the installed VMs, so that Cloudify will be able to invoke remote ssh commands as a sudoer. This feature will be a part of Cloudify in the near future. Until then, please use the Cloud Drivers Repository.


This folder contains a service recipe for the Computer database Play framework Sample application.

The Computer database is a classic CRUD application, backed by a JDBC database. It demonstrates:

  • accessing a JDBC database, using Ebean in Java and Anorm in Scala
  • table pagination and CRUD forms
  • integrating with a CSS framework

This recipe is comprised of three services: