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Fixed azure related documentation issues. #4

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Mar 01, 2012
removed unnecessary steps from cloudify installation 6a8f02f
Added installation example gist ace63c6
Fixed bootstrap gist b37d1e7
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2  guide/bootstrapping/bootstrapping_azure.textile
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ p. Bootstrapping on Windows Azure is a process where Cloudify Cloud Driver on yo
18 18
19 19
 Currently, each application is deployed with its own Cloudify controller installation.
20 20
 The following examples bootstraps the cloudify controller (management role, the ui role), and the cloudify agents for the travel application (tomcat and cassandra roles).
-<script src=""> </script>
+<script src=""> </script>
22 22
23 23
 h1. bootstrap-app commandline options
24 24
8  guide/deploying/deploying_azure.textile
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@@ -20,7 +20,9 @@ h1. Deploying your Application
20 20
 Deploying your application is the process where Cloudify Controller on Azure is instructed to execute the application recipe. The controller uses the Cloudify Driver to make Azure start worker role instances according to the recipe SLAs
21 21
 Once the roles are active, Cloudify agents are discovered by the cdontroller and the recipe is shipped to them for execution.
22 22
-The command to use is install-application (as with any Cloud)
-<script src=""></script>
+The following examples installs the travel application recipe for azure. The azure recipe differs in that it configures a reverse proxy that allows
+access to the travel application via port 80 (instead of port 8080)
+<script src=""> </script>
26 26
+h1. install-application commandline options
+<script src=""></script>
4  guide/setup/installing_azure.textile
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@@ -58,10 +58,6 @@ p.This section covers the Cloudify installation, generation of self-signed certi
58 58
 h3. Install GigaSpaces Cloudify 
59 59
60 60
 * Unzip "Cloudify": to c:\ (Rename it to c:\cloudify )
-* Unzip to c:\cloudify\tools\cli\plugins\azure (Which would create c:\cloudify\tools\cli\plugins\azure\WorkerRoles)
-* Unzip to c:\cloudify\examples (Which would create c:\cloudify\examples\travel-withproxy )
65 61
66 62
 h3. Update Subscription ID in
67 63

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