Cloudino Arquitecture

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The Cloudino Platform proposes to add a new IoT Chip (Cloudino WiFi Connector) that works like a configurable Network Layer between the sensors, actuators or existent hardware solutions like Arduino and the Cloud Services, for a simple and fast start to IoT World.

Cloudino Arquitecture

The platform consists of three main components, which can work together or independently.

Cloudino API

The first component is the Cloudino API, which has a specific implementation for different microcontroller solutions.

At the moment we only have the arduino implementation, but we did some successfull tests of the API on intel edison and we have in the route map another implementation on the Michochip PIC architecture.

The function of the this API is very important, because with this, we can isolate the Arduino code to the specific IoT protocol, i mean that we can use the same code for send data to a MQTT Server or to an Orion Context Broker or to the Cloudino Server without doing any change to the source code, and we only need to configure the specific protocol that we will use in the network layer.

To be more clear, from the arduino side, we only have one Generic API that is independent of the IoT protocol that we use in the network layer.

WiFi Cloud Connector

Another of the main components is the WiFi Cloud Connector, which is a little, inexpensive and powerful IoT Chip, that has preprogrammed the most common IoT protocols like a MQTT or the NGSI for the Orion Context Broker, that allows everyone to start sending information to the Cloud without any additional programming effort.

We can see the WiFI Cloud Connector as an IoT Router, where let us configure using a simple web browser, the internet settings as well as the IoT protocol that the chip will use.

An other important characteristic of the WiFi Cloud Connector is that can working in parallel with the Arduino, the WCC can be used as an Arduino Cloud Programmer, I mean, we can reprogram the Arduino via Cloud.

The WiFi Cloud Connector can be used as we mention as an additional microcontroller dedicated to the network layer, working in parallel with actual microcontroller solutions like arduino. But also can be used as a stand alone device for directly communicate the real-life objects to the internet.

As we see in the diagram, the Wifi Cloud Connector has 11 digital GPIOs and only one analog GPIO, that we can use for connect sensors and actuator directly to the chip, without the necessity to add an Arduino and can be programmed using and JavaScript Engine that is working inside the chip.

Cloudino Server

The WiFi Cloud Connector can be configured to connect to any cloud service, however in order to get the best out of the platform, we developed the Cloudino Server, which includes all the components needed to manage devices from anywhere in the world.

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