Make your first Cloudino

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You could use any ESP8266 module available as your Cloudino.


After flashing the Cloudino firmware into a module, it becomes a “Cloudino WiFi Cloud Connector”. So you can start to configure you Cloudino with the Web Interface and connect you module to the Cloudino Server. Please following the instructions below to make you Cloudino step by step:

  1. Download the Cloudino latest firmware
  2. Connect the ESP8266 module with a USB-Serial(TTL) convertor.
  3. Boot the module into “Download mode” by powering on with GPIO2 pulled up to VCC while GPIO0 and GPIO15 pulled down to GND (1K ~ 10K ohm resistors are required, don’t connect the pins to VCC/GND directly!).
  4. Write the Cloudino.bin into ESP8266 with (a simple, platform independent, open source replacement for the offical XTCOM tool)
./ write_flash 0x00000 Cloudino.bin
  5. Pull GPIO0 back to VCC, so the module will boot normally.
  6. Configuring the WiFi Cloud Connector

Examples of connections:


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