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Sample Cloudname-Based REST Application

A minimalistic REST application based on Cloudname/Base and an embedded Jetty.

To be used as a starting point for your REST applications.


Key sub-packages:

  • rs - JAX-RS resources
  • server - the infrastructure code integrating with Jetty and Base, providing security and enabling starting from the command line

Using the App: Develop, Deploy, Configure, Run


Run the application during development:

mvn -o compile exec:java -Dexec.mainClass=org.cloudname.example.restapp.server.Main -Dexec.args="--coordinate 0.dummy.service.coordinate"

Tip: Consider purchasing JRebel to enable restart-less development.

Build And Run

Building and running the application for/in production:

mvn package; java -jar target/<project>-<version>-jar-with-dependencies.jar <arguments>

(Where arguments contain at least --coordinate with a valid value.)

Configuring the webapp

Most configuration is passed to the webapp as command-line parameters (usually stored in a file used when starting the app).

Running The App As a Linux Service

TBD (/etc/defaults/xxx, /etc/init.d/xxx, Puppet config ?)

Authentication and Authorization

You can use the JSR-250 annotations such as @RolesAllowed to limit access to a service (see the ExampleSecuredResource).

The username and password is verified using Cloudname A3.

Customizing the App

  • Rename the ExampleResource[IT] and root packages to whatever names are suitable for you
  • Set org.cloudname.example.restapp.server.Main.SERVICE_NAME
  • Set org.cloudname.example.restapp.server.WebServer.REST_RESOURCE_PACKAGES
  • Set the mainClass parameter of the maven-jar-plugin in pom.xml

Further Info

Services provided by Base

  • Processing of command-line arguments and storing their values into class fields
  • Registration with the central service registry (ZooKeeper) so that other services can find it
  • Support for monitoring
  • Logging to the central log server
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