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Cloudname A3

A3 is an authentication and authorization library. You can use it standalone or benefit from its integration with Jersey to secure your REST services.

Currently it uses a file-based user database where each user has name, password, role(s), custom properties and more.

Standalone use

See /a3/src/test/java/org/cloudname/a3/A3ClientTest.java for examples.

Use with Jersey

A3 in combination with Jersey does:

  • Authentication of users for resources that require it (anonymous access to non-secured resources is permitted)
  • Sending an authentication challenge to users if they try to access a secured resource without providing authentication credentials
  • Support for role-based authorization with the JSR-250 annotations such as @RolesAllows


Register the org.cloudname.a3.jaxrs.JerseyRequestFilter with Jersey to enable authentication (see its JavaDoc for instructions). It requires you to create a JAX-RS/Jersey @Provider to supply the A3Client instance to use.

You should also register the package org.cloudname.a3.jaxrs with Jersey so that it will find the AuthenticationExceptionMapper @Provider - it takes care of translation authentication errors into the right HTTP errors and of requesting authentication from the user if it is required and not provided. (Include the package among those in the init parameter com.sun.jersey.config.property.packages.)

Role-Based Authorization with @RolesAllowed etc.

To enable role-based authorization, register the filter factory org.cloudname.a3.jaxrs.JerseyRoleBasedAccessControlResourceFilterFactory with Jersey, see JavaDoc in the class for instructions.

Other Stuff

Editing a User Database File

You can use the command-line utility org.cloudname.a3.editor.Editor to create or edit a user database file for A3.