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The nodee execution service.
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What is it?

Nodee is a daemon that runs on each node in a cloud environment and manages software artifacts and service lifecycle.


As mentioned above, Nodee has two main responsibilities.

Managing software artifacts.

Nodee maintains a directory tree containing the software artifacts needed to run a service. The structure of the tree looks a bit like that of a Maven repository.


When installing artifacts into the above tree structure, Nodee fetches a ZIP file containing the artifact and then unpacks the artifact into the above directory structure. The software artifact is usually served from an HTTP server that has a directory structure similar to the above directory structure:

To manage software Nodee supports the following operations:

  • install artifact
  • remove artifact
  • list installed artifacts

Managing service lifecycles

Nodee has the capability to start services and monitor the resulting processes to ensure that the process is running. Kind of like the init process in a UNIX system.

To start a service Nodee will be told the following:

  • The service coordinate
  • The software artifact
  • The options we wish to pass to the service

When starting a service, Nodee will first create a runtime directory for the service. The runtime directory is derived from the Coordinate of the service. So for a service with the coordinate "1.myservice.borud.fbu" the runtime directory will be:


Services are not allowed to modify anything under /prefix/software.



Services should be implemented in a manner that allows them to keep their runtime state in the runtime directory. The software artifact in /prefix/software should be viewed as immutable.

Some services may require their runtime directory to be pre-populated with files before startup. Nodee should provide mechanisms for this. This can either be derivatives of files that are in the /prefix/software tree or it can be saved state that needs to be fetched from somewhere else (like an S3 backup etc).

Integration with Cloudname

When Nodee starts up it must make its presence known through Cloudname. We intend to have a separate part of the cloudname namespace in ZooKeeper set aside for discovering Nodee instances, and thereby instances that are available for running services. The current thinking is that each Nodee instance is responsible for maintaining an ephemeral node under:


Where the instance name is equal to the machine name (for instance the Amazon EC2 instance name).

The data Nodee populates into this ephemeral node is information about the machine instance itself, its status, what services are running on it and where its web console is running (what port).

Networked API

Nodee will have a REST API that allows management utilities to query Nodee for its status and ask it to install/uninstall software artifacts and start/drain/stop services.

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