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[Snyk] Upgrade bootstrap-vue from 2.0.4 to 2.1.0 #3

merged 2 commits into from Dec 12, 2019


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snyk-bot commented Dec 12, 2019

Snyk has created this PR to upgrade bootstrap-vue from 2.0.4 to 2.1.0.

ℹ️ Keep your dependencies up-to-date. This makes it easier to fix existing vulnerabilities and to more quickly identify and fix newly disclosed vulnerabilities when they affect your project.
  • The recommended version is 1 version ahead of your current version.
  • The recommended version was released a month ago, on 2019-11-13.
Release notes
Package name: bootstrap-vue
  • 2.1.0 - 2019-11-13


    • b-dropdown: add block support to toggle button (closes #4266)
    • b-form-group: allow setting label cols props to auto (closes #4217)
    • b-form-input, b-form-textarea: new lazy modifier prop to update v-model on change/blur event
    • b-form-input, b-form-textarea: add v-model debouncing feature via new prop debounce, and deprecate <b-table> prop filter-debounce (closes #4150)
    • b-img, b-img-lazy: add support for srcset and sizes props (closes #4348)
    • b-pagination, b-pagination-nav: add pills style option
    • b-table: default the row select feature selected-variant to the 'active' variant
    • b-table: add selectRow() and unselectRow() methods to cell and row-details slot scopes, and new prop no-select-on-click
    • b-table, b-table-lite: add in head/foot row variant prop (addresses #4215)
    • b-table, b-table-lite: add prop details-td-class for applying classes to the details row <td>
    • b-tabs: emit cancelable BvEvent before changing tabs via new event activate-tab (closes #4273)
    • v-b-visible: new directive v-b-visible for detecting visibility of elements
    • auto-generate file dist/web-types.json for WebStorm, and files dist/vetur-tags.json and dist/vetur-attributes.json for Vetur (closes #4107)


    • b-dropdown: handle issue with touch devices on MacOS using Safari/Firefox (Fixes #4328, #4344)
    • b-nav-form, b-nav-text: ensure these sub-components have <li> as root element for accessibility
    • b-pagination, b-pagination-nav: add UP/DOWN keyboard navigation support for JAWS (fixes #4322)
    • b-table, b-table-lite, b-table-simple: fix issue with sticky columns when table is not responsive but has sticky-header (fixes #4354)
    • b-table, b-table-lite, b-tbody: fix delegated event handlers when transition + minor adjustment to row key generation (fixes #4370, #4360)
    • b-tabs: allow space to trigger tab activation when no-key-nav is enabled (fixes #4323)
    • v-b-modal: open modal using ENTER key on non-button elements for A11Y
    • v-b-modal: ensure trigger element is keyboard accessible if not a link or button, for A11Y
    • v-b-tooltip, v-b-popover: ensure reference to trigger element is passed to title/content function (fixes #4331)
    • web-types: update web-types code generation to match latest schema


    • b-table: deprecate prop filter-debounce in favour of b-form-input debouncing
    • documentation updates and fixes
  • 2.0.4 - 2019-10-11

    Released: 2019-10-11

    Bug Fixes v2.0.4

    • b-carousel: disable the next/prev controls when the carousel is sliding (closes #4210) (#4212) (64d556d)
    • b-dropdown-form: fix SCSS styling when placed in a nav dropdown (fixes #4220) (#4223) (b852bba)
    • types: correct the declared export name for BCardSubTitle component (#4229) (9f216df)

    Performance v2.0.4

    Other v2.0.4

    • add "sass" entry in package.json
    • minor docs fixes and updates
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snyk-bot and others added 2 commits Dec 12, 2019
Snyk has created this PR to upgrade bootstrap-vue from 2.0.4 to 2.1.0.

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@Asthriona Asthriona merged commit 91f76b4 into master Dec 12, 2019
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1 check passed
security/snyk - package.json (Asthriona) No new issues
@Asthriona Asthriona deleted the snyk-upgrade-560a139ce837b292b9a2a975c4ed861f branch Dec 12, 2019
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