Down with NMS wrappers!
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JARCraftinator 🇺🇸 🇧🇪 🇵🇹

JARCraftinator (soon to be christened Verdigris) is a Minecraft server software written from scratch (no more NMS wrappers!)


Basic Game Features

These are roughly in the order in which we will work on the code base, although we may make some changes.
✔️ = Completed | = In Development

  • Server favicon, color MOTD ✔️
  • Packet API
  • Keepalive
  • World generation
  • World saves
  • Packet encryption
  • Packet compression
  • The entire Play protocol
    • Players
  • Mojang Authentication
  • Mobs, AI and API
    • Entities
    • Pathfinding & Pathfinding API
  • Multiple Worlds
  • Plugin API (we may begin implementing this earlier)

Development Goals

  • Protocol API that will not break on updates
  • Protocol API that can be used without reflection
  • Revolutionary plugin development options
  • Custom, more efficient, world save format
  • Potentially: a web panel to manage your server

Other cool plans

  • A parser for to automatically update the protocol to the latest version.


Setup Guide

We will write this when we have something playable.


The plugin API has not yet been implemented.