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ZIO frontend for the Clover Group AI platform
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ZIO frontend for Clover Group AI platform. This features ZIO, http4s, doobie, fs2 and kafka. Originally taken from here

High level datapath descrition

This project integrates REST frontend thru http4s and several data sources. It supports PostgreSQL, ClickHouse and InfluxDB, supported thru native drivers, and Doobie, which unifies JDBC interfaces and supports pure functional effects.

Kafka is used to build streaming connections between server nodes and serialize large data arrays. Parquet is used for efficient data source management and is streamed thrue Kafka.

The application interface to business logic is implemented with ZIO queue. Business logic hevily relies on ZIO Fibers for massive server side multithreading.

This project is a high quality design, built upon many successful projects. It became an official member of ZIO Ecosystem

Project datapath block diagram datapath

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