JSON API to retrieve data from Pokemon GO servers.
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Pokemon Go WebAPI

1. Description

This project aims to provide a JSON API allowing to retrieve data from the Pokemon Go servers reachable by any system connected to the Internet. The system is based on the Tjado's work, pgoapi.

The service also propose a "card" system to show your ingame progression to your friends at https://chaipokoi.github.io/Pokemon-Go-WebAPI/.

Please note that your login informations are encrypted, not saved and will not be used by anyone expect yourself.

2. How to use

2.1 Use the API

The API is already reachable at https://pokemon-chaipokoi.rhcloud.com/api
In order to work, the API expects an access token created with the user's credentials. To protect your data, the credentials must be encrypted with RSA (PKCS#1 v1.5) and encoded in urlsafe base64.

The process

(A code sample is present in the example directory)

your_requests must be a string containing your differents requests separated by a ",".
e.g: https://pokemon-chaipokoi.rhcloud.com/api?params=your_access_token&requests=get_player,get_inventory

The complete list of the available requests is here.
(We only support requests without parameters for now)

2.2 Sample

Here is an example of an API call


2.3 Host the api

You can host the API by yourself.
You just have to follow theese simple steps.

The process

  • Send the code on your server
  • Start the genkeys.sh script to create new private/public rsa keys
  • Start the api.py script to start the api server
  • You can now access your own version of the API !

3. Requirements

4. Crédits

Mila432 for the login secrets
elliottcarlson for the Google Auth PR
Tjado for the pgoapi
AeonLucid for improved protos
AHAAAAAAA for parts of the s2sphere stuff