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Clozure CL 1.12

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@xrme xrme released this 19 Apr 23:00
· 57 commits to master since this release

This is Clozure CL 1.12.

There are two steps to obtain this release. First, obtain the source code for CCL by cloning the repository (with git clone, or by downloading an archive (either as a gzipped tar file or as a zip archive.

The second step is download the bootstrapping binaries for your system. CCL is written in itself, so in order to compile it, you need an already-working CCL. The binary archives provide this. They also contain a pre-built database derived from the system header files that is used by the FFI.

So, in sum, to get a copy of CCL that runs on macOS, you would say:

git clone ccl-dev
curl -L -O
cd ccl-dev
tar xf ../darwinx86.tar.gz

After unpacking the bootstrapping binaries, you can rebuild CCL by evaluating (rebuild-ccl :full t) as usual.

Unfortunately, on Windows and macOS Catalina, (rebuild-ccl :full t) will not work. On those systems, you must first build the lisp kernel binary (a program written in C and assembly language). To do this, use the following commands:

cd lisp-kernel/darwinx8664
# or lisp-kernel/win64 or lisp-kernel/win32
make clean

When that is done, start the lisp and evaluate (rebuild-ccl :clean t). This does the same thing as :full t, except it will not attempt to rebuild the lisp kernel for you.

If you have some version of Xcode 11, you must use Xcode 11.4 or later to compile the CCL lisp kernel because of a bug in the assembler (#271). Earlier versions of the Xcode tools are fine.