Raspberry pi zero W camera recording for a rocket ! 🚀
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The goal of this project is to transform a raspberry pi zero w into a camera system that is accessible remotely.

This software allow you to control many raspberry pi zero W from a single master PI. Once you've sent a command to the master PI, the slaves will do the same.

The start and stop command will be duplicated on all the pi. The picture command will only work for the master pi.

This project have been build for two student club in Montréal in order to record the flight of a rocket. We needed to be able to control when to start the recording and to syncronize four camera.

Here's the result:

Amarok flight


  • You will need to flash the SD card with raspbian strech lite.
  • Run the script ./rocket-cam/configure_boot.sh from the boot directory.
    • Usage: bash [PATH TO INSTALL]/rocket-cam/configure_boot.sh
    • This will configure the pi zero W to work with OTG modes see this for more details.
    • This will also enable SSH
  • Put the SD card inside the pi
  • Power the pi via usb cable from your computer and wait ~60-90 secondes for the pi to boot
  • Make sure your computer connect to the wired connection.
    • You might have to configure your IPV4 configuration to "Shared with other computer"
  • run ip n or arp -n to find the pi ip
  • run ssh pi@[IP] or ssh pi@raspberrypi.local the password should be raspberry
  • Now you should be connected to a bash shell on the pi. Run sudo bash ./rocket-cam/configure_pi.sh [password] [slave or master] [hostname] [SSID]
  • Reboot the pi
  • You are done !

Accessing the pi

Once installed, power up the raspberry pi and wait ~30-60 secondes. You should see in your wifi a new connection with the SSID you chosed while installing it.

Connect to that wifi and you should be able to access

PS: This software was tested with 2018-04-18-raspbian-stretch-lite.