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# Copyright ClusterHQ Inc. See LICENSE file for details.
Sphinx extension to add a ``task`` directive
This directive allows sharing code between documentation and provisioning code.
.. code-block:: rest
.. task:: name_of_task
``name_of_task`` must the name of a task in ``flocker.provision._tasks``,
without the ``task_`` prefix. A task must take a single runner argument.
from inspect import getsourcefile
from docutils.parsers.rst import Directive
from docutils import nodes
from docutils.statemachine import StringList
from flocker import __version__ as version
from flocker.common.version import get_installable_version
from import PLACEHOLDER
from . import _tasks as tasks
from ._ssh import Run, Sudo, Comment, Put
from ._effect import dispatcher as base_dispatcher, SequenceFailed, HTTPGet
from effect import (
sync_perform, sync_performer,
ComposedDispatcher, TypeDispatcher,
def run_for_docs(effect):
commands = []
def run(dispatcher, intent):
def sudo(dispatcher, intent):
commands.append("sudo %s" % (intent.command,))
def comment(dispatcher, intent):
commands.append("# %s" % (intent.comment))
def put(dispatcher, intent):
"cat <<EOF > %s" % (intent.path,),
] + intent.content.splitlines() + [
def get(dispatcher, intent):
# Do not actually make any requests when we are building the docs.
Run: run,
Sudo: sudo,
Comment: comment,
Put: put,
HTTPGet: get,
return commands
class TaskDirective(Directive):
Implementation of the C{task} directive.
required_arguments = 1
optional_arguments = 1
final_argument_whitespace = True
option_spec = {
'prompt': str
def run(self):
task = getattr(tasks, 'task_%s' % (self.arguments[0],))
prompt = self.options.get('prompt', '$')
if len(self.arguments) > 1:
# Some tasks can include the latest installable version as (part
# of) an argument. This replaces a placeholder with that version.
arguments = self.arguments[1].split()
latest = get_installable_version(version)
task_arguments = [item.replace(PLACEHOLDER, latest).encode("utf-8")
for item in arguments]
task_arguments = []
commands = task(*task_arguments)
lines = ['.. prompt:: bash %s,> auto' % (prompt,), '']
command_lines = run_for_docs(commands)
except NoPerformerFoundError as e:
raise self.error("task: %s not supported"
% (type(e.args[0]).__name__,))
except SequenceFailed as e:
print e.error
for command_line in command_lines:
# handler can return either a string or a list. If it returns a
# list, treat the elements after the first as continuation lines.
if isinstance(command_line, list):
lines.append(' %s %s' % (prompt, command_line[0],))
lines.extend([' > %s' % (line,)
for line in command_line[1:]])
lines.append(' %s %s' % (prompt, command_line,))
# The following three lines record (some?) of the dependencies of the
# directive, so automatic regeneration happens. Specifically, it
# records this file, and the file where the task is declared.
task_file = getsourcefile(task)
tasks_file = getsourcefile(tasks)
node = nodes.Element()
text = StringList(lines)
self.state.nested_parse(text, self.content_offset, node)
return node.children
def setup(app):
Entry point for sphinx extension.
app.add_directive('task', TaskDirective)
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