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HA Web Konsole (Hawk)

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Hawk provides a web interface for High Availability clusters managed by the Pacemaker cluster resource manager. The current goal of the project is to provide a complete management interface to the HA cluster, both in the form of a flexible REST API as well as a modern client frontend using the API.

Build Dependencies

The exact versions specified here may not be accurate. Also, note that Hawk also requires the rubygems listed in hawk/Gemfile.

  • ruby >= 2.2
  • crmsh >= 3.0.0
  • hawk-apiserver
  • graphviz
  • graphviz-gd
  • dejavu
  • pacemaker >= 1.1.8
  • bundler
  • iproute2

For details about the Hawk API server, see the separate repository at Github:

Installation and deployment:

On openSUSE use following commands:

zypper install hawk2
crm cluster init

Once initialized, go to https://<IP>:7630/.


use the following project for deploying hawk


Puma server configuration

You can change the configurations of both instances of the Puma sever through the configuration file in hawk/config/puma.rb. You can also pass options directly through environment variables.

Please also note that the Puma server is configured to use a maximum number of 16 threads withing one worker in clustered mode. This application is thread safe and you can customize this through the puma.rb file.

For further information about threads and workers in Puma, please take a look at this great article by Heroku: Puma web server article

Hacking hawk tools

Hawk's tools are the programs under the hawk/tools folder (hawk_chkpwd and hawk_invoke).

ls /usr/sbin/hawk_* -l+ +
-rwsr-x--- 1 root haclient 9884 2011-04-14 22:56 /usr/sbin/hawk_chkpwd+
-rwsr-x--- 1 root haclient 9928 2011-04-14 22:56 /usr/sbin/hawk_invoke+

hawk_chkpwd is almost identical to unix2_chkpwd, except it restricts acccess to users in the haclient group, and doesn't inject any delay when invoked by the hacluster user (which is the user the Hawk web server instance runs as).

hawk_invoke allows the hacluster user to run a small assortment of Pacemaker CLI tools as another user in order to support Pacemaker's ACL feature. It is used by Hawk when performing various management tasks.

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