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libqb is a library providing high performance logging, tracing, ipc, and poll.
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Latest commit 1a7ea3b @chrissie-c chrissie-c log: don't call dlopen inside dl_iterate_phdr()
Some platforms (eg. FreeBSD 10+) don't support calling dlopen() from
within a dl_iterate_phdr() callback; so save all of the dlpi_names to
a list and iterate over them afterwards.

This fixes a deadlock which occurs in dlopen() when called from
within dl_iterate_phdr() on FreeBSD 10+ when linked to libthr.

Patch from dpejesh on github.
Reviewed-by: Christine Caulfield <>



What is libqb?

libqb is a library with the primary purpose of providing high-performance, reusable features for client-server architecture, such as logging, tracing, inter-process communication (IPC), and polling.

libqb is not intended to be an all-encompassing library, but instead provide focused APIs that are highly tuned for maximum performance for client-server applications.

Build Status

For more information, see:


  • glib-2.0-devel (If you want to build the glib example code)
  • check-devel (If you want to run the tests)
  • doxygen and graphviz (If you want to build the doxygen man pages or html manual)

Source Control (GIT)

git clone git://

See Github

Installing from source

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install

How you can help

If you find this project useful, you may want to consider supporting its future development. There are a number of ways to support the project.

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