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Welcome to the linux-ha project source tree.
There is a little documentation on setting things up for a HA failover
system in the doc directory. The following things are among the more
interesting docs:
GettingStarted.html HardwareGuide.html
Requirements.html faqntips.html
nice_failback.txt rsync.html
For building the system:
If you have no idea what to do, then you should probably use the ConfigureMe
to configure (and make, install, package, etc.) the software. ConfigureMe
makes some educated guesses on how linux-ha ought to be installed by
default on the current system type.
If you have played with autoconf/automake packages before, then you can use
the bootstrap script, or configure, etc. like normal.
Due to the way that init directories are handled by heartbeat,
make distcheck can be problematic. The following should allow
this to run successfully, noting that gmake is often available
as make:
gmake DESTDIR="$PWD/heartbeat-@VERSION@/=inst" distcheck
For more information on the project, see the web site at
Information on joining mailing lists can be found at
-- The Linux-Ha development team
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