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* Tue Jul 22 2014 Andrew Beekhof <> Pacemaker-1.1.12-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 93a037d
- Changesets: 795
- Diff: 195 files changed, 13772 insertions(+), 6176 deletions(-)
- Features added since Pacemaker-1.1.11
+ Changes to the ACL schema to support nodes and unix groups
+ cib: Check ACLs prior to making the update instead of parsing the diff afterwards
+ cib: Default ACL support to on
+ cib: Enable the more efficient xml patchset format
+ cib: Implement zero-copy status update
+ cib: Send all r/w operations via the cluster connection and have all nodes process them
+ crmd: Set "cluster-name" property to corosync's "cluster_name" by default for corosync-2
+ crm_mon: Display brief output if "-b/--brief" is supplied or 'b' is toggled
+ crm_report: Allow ssh alternatives to be used
+ crm_ticket: Support multiple modifications for a ticket in an atomic operation
+ extra: Add logrotate configuration file for /var/log/pacemaker.log
+ Fencing: Add the ability to call stonith_api_time() from stonith_admin
+ logging: daemons always get a log file, unless explicitly set to configured 'none'
+ logging: allows the user to specify a log level that is output to syslog
+ PE: Automatically re-unfence a node if the fencing device definition changes
+ pengine: cl#5174 - Allow resource sets and templates for location constraints
+ pengine: Support cib object tags
+ pengine: Support cluster-specific instance attributes based on rules
+ pengine: Support id-ref in nvpair with optional "name"
+ pengine: Support per-resource maintenance mode
+ pengine: Support site-specific instance attributes based on rules
+ tools: Allow crm_shadow to create older configuration versions
+ tools: Display pending state in crm_mon/crm_resource/crm_simulate if --pending/-j is supplied (cl#5178)
+ xml: Add the ability to have lightweight schema revisions
+ xml: Enable resource sets in location constraints for 1.2 schema
+ xml: Support resources that require unfencing
- Changes since Pacemaker-1.1.11
+ acl: Authenticate pacemaker-remote requests with the node name as the client
+ acl: Read access must be explicitly granted
+ attrd: Ensure attribute dampening is always observed
+ attrd: Remove offline nodes from node cache for "peer-remove" requests
+ Bug cl#5055 - Improved migration support.
+ Bug cl#5184 - Ensure pending probes that ultimately fail are correctly updated
+ Bug cl#5196 - pengine: Check values after expanding templates
+ Bug cl#5212 - Do not promote instances when quorum is lots and no-quorum-policy=freeze
+ Bug cl#5213 - Ensure role colocation with -INFINITY is enforced
+ Bug cl#5213 - Limit the scope of the previous commit to the masters role
+ Bug cl#5219 - pengine: Allow unrelated resources with a common colocation target to remain promoted
+ Bug cl#5222 - cib: Repair rolling update capability
+ Bug cl#5222 - Enable legacy mode whenever a broadcast update is detected
+ Bug rhbz#1036631 - Stop members of cloned groups when dependancies are stopped
+ Bug rhbz#1054307 - cname pattern match should be more restrictive in init script
+ Bug rhbz#1057697 - Use native DBus library for systemd/upstart support to avoid problematic use of threads
+ Bug rhbz#1097457 - Limit the scope of the previous fix and include a helpful comment
+ Bug rhbz#1097457 - Prevent invalid transition when resource are ordered to start after the container they're started in
+ cib: allow setting permanent remote-node attributes
+ cib: Auto-detect which patchset format to use
+ cib: Determine the best value of validate-with if one is not supplied
+ cib: Do not disable cib disk writes if on-disk cib is corrupt
+ cib: Ensure 'cibadmin -R/--replace' commands get replies
+ cib: Erasing the cib is an admin action, bump the admin_epoch instead
+ cib: Fix remote cib based on TLS
+ cib: Ingore patch failures if we already have their contents
+ cib: Validate that everyone still sees the same configuration once all updates have completed
+ cibadmin: Allow priviliged clients to perform tasks as unpriviliged users
+ cibadmin: Remove dangerous commands that exposed unnecessary implementation internal details
+ cluster: Fix segfault on removing a node
+ cluster: Prevent search of unames from attempting to create node entries for unknown nodes
+ cluster: Remove unknown offline nodes with conflicting unames from node cache
+ controld: Do not consider the dlm up until the address list is present
+ controld: handling startup fencing within the controld agent, not the dlm
+ controld: Return OCF_ERR_INSTALLED instead of OCF_NOT_INSTALLED
+ crmd: Ack pending operations that were cancelled due to rsc deletion
+ crmd: Actions can only be executed if their pre-requisits completed successfully
+ crmd: avoid double free caused by nested hash table removal
+ crmd: Avoid spamming the cib by triggering a transition only once per non-status change
+ crmd: Correctly react to successful unfencing operations
+ crmd: Correctly recognise operation cancellations we initiated
+ crmd: Do not erase the status section for unfenced nodes
+ crmd: Do not overwrite existing node state when fencing completes
+ crmd: Do not start timers for already completed operations
+ crmd: Ensure crm_config options are re-read on updates
+ crmd: Fenced nodes that return prior to an election do not need to have their status section reset
+ crmd: make lrm_state hash table not case sensitive
+ crmd: make node_state erase correctly
+ crmd: Only write fence_averride if open() returns a positive file descriptor
+ crmd: Prevent manual fencing confirmations from attempting to create node entries for unknown nodes
+ crmd: Prevent SIGPIPE when notifying CMAN about fencing operations
+ crmd: Remove state of unknown nodes with conflicting unames from CIB
+ crmd: Remove unknown nodes with conflicting unames from CIB
+ crmd: Report unsuccessful unfencing operations
+ crm_diff: Allow the generation of xml patchsets without digests
+ crm_mon: Allow the file created by --as-html to be world readable
+ crm_mon: Ensure resource attributes have been unpacked before displaying connectivity data
+ crm_node: Only remove the named resource from the cib
+ crm_report: Gracefully handle rediculously large logfiles
+ crm_report: Only gather dlm data if dlm_controld is running
+ crm_resource: Gracefully handle -EACCESS when querying the cib
+ crm_verify: Perform a full set of calculations whenever the status section is present
+ fencing: Advertise support for reboot/on/off in the metadata for legacy agents
+ fencing: Automatically switch from 'list' to 'status' to 'static-list' if those actions are not advertised in the metadata
+ fencing: Cache metadata lookups to avoid repeated blocking during device registration
+ fencing: Correctly record which peer performed the fencing operation
+ fencing: default to 'off' when agent does not advertise 'reboot' in metadata
+ fencing: Do not unregister/register all stonith devices on every resource agent change
+ fencing: Execute all required fencing devices regardless of what topology level they are at
+ fencing: Fence using all required devices
+ fencing: Pass the correct options when looking up the history by node name
+ fencing: Update stonith device list only if stonith is enabled
+ get_cluster_type: failing concurrent tool invocations on heartbeat
+ ignore SIGPIPE when gnutls is in use
+ iso8601: Different logic is needed when logging and calculating durations
+ iso8601: Fix memory leak in duration calculation
+ Logging: Bootstrap daemon logging before processing arguments but configure it afterwards
+ lrmd: Cancel recurring operations before stop action is executed
+ lrmd: Expose logging variables expected by OCF agents
+ lrmd: Handle systemd reporting 'done' before a resource is actually stopped/started
+ lrmd: Merge duplicate recurring monitor operations
+ lrmd: Prevent OCF agents from logging to random files due to "value" of setenv() being NULL
+ lrmd: Provide stderr output from agents if available, otherwise fall back to stdout
+ mainloop: Better handle the killing of processes in the act of exiting
+ mainloop: Canceling in-flight operations should not fail if child process has already exited.
+ mainloop: Fixes use after free in process monitor code
+ mcp: Tell systemd not to respawn us if we exit with rc=100
+ membership: Avoid duplicate peer entries in the peer cache
+ pengine: Allow container nodes to migrate with connection resource
+ pengine: avoid assert by searching for stop action on correct node during LogActions
+ pengine: Block restart of resources if any dependent resource in a group is unmanaged
+ pengine: cl#5186 - Avoid running rsc on two nodes when node is fenced during migration
+ pengine: cl#5187 - Prevent resources in an anti-colocation from even temporarily running on a same node
+ pengine: cl#5200 - Before migrating utilization-using resources to a node, take off the load that will no longer run there if it's not introducing transition loop
+ pengine: Correctly handle origin offsets in the future
+ pengine: Correctly observe requires=nothing
+ pengine: Default sequential to TRUE for resource sets for consistency with colocation sets
+ pengine: Delay unfencing until after we know the state of all resources that require unfencing
+ pengine: Do not initiate fencing for unclean nodes when fencing is disabled
+ pengine: Ensure instance numbers are preserved for cloned templates
+ pengine: Ensure unfencing only happens once, even if the transition is interrupted
+ pengine: Fencing devices default to only requiring quorum in order to start
+ pengine: fixes invalid transition caused by clones with more than 10 instances
+ pengine: Force record pending for migrate_to actions
+ pengine: handles edge case where container order constraints are not honored during migration
+ pengine: Ignore failure-timeout only if the failed operation has on-fail="block"
+ pengine: Mark unrunnable stop actions as "blocked" and show the correct current locations
+ pengine: Memory leaks
+ pengine: properly handle fencing of container remote-nodes when the container is orphaned
+ pengine: properly place resource within a container when container is a remote-node.
+ pengine: Unfencing is based on device probes, there is no need to unfence when normal resources are found active
+ pengine: Use "#cluster-name" in rules for setting cluster-specific instance attributes
+ pengine: Use "#site-name" in rules for setting site-specific instance attributes
+ remote: Allow baremetal remote-node connection resources to migrate
+ remote: clear remote-node status correctly
+ remote: Enable migration support for baremetal connection resources by default
+ remote: Handle request/response ipc proxy correctly
+ services: Correctly reset the nice value for lrmd's children
+ services: Do not allow duplicate recurring op entries
+ services: Do not block synced service executions
+ services: Fixes segfault associated with cancelling in-flight recurring operations.
+ services: Remove cancelled recurring ops from internal lists as early as possible
+ services: Remove file descriptors from mainloop as soon as we have drained them
+ services: Reset the scheduling policy and priority for lrmd's children without replying on SCHED_RESET_ON_FORK
+ services_action_cancel: Interpret return code from mainloop_child_kill() correctly
+ stonith_admin: Ensure pointers passed to sscanf() are properly initialized
+ stonith_api_time_helper now returns when the most recent fencing operation completed
+ systemd: Prevent use-of-NULL when determining if an agent exists
+ systemd: Try to handle dbus actions that complete prior to configuring a callback
+ Tools: Non-daemons shouldn't abort just because xml parsing failed
+ Upstart: Allow comilation with glib versions older than 2.28
+ Upstart: Do not attempt upstart jobs if we cannot connect to dbus
+ When data was old, it fixed so that the newest cib might not be acquired.
+ xml: Check all available schemas when doing upgrades
+ xml: Correctly determine the lowest allowed schema version
+ xml: Correctly enforce ACLs after a replace operation
+ xml: Correctly infer attribute changes after a replace operation
+ xml: Create the correct diff when only part of a document is changed
+ xml: Detect attribute ordering changes
+ xml: Detect content that is added and removed in the same update
+ xml: Do not prune meaningful leaves from v1 patchsets
+ xml: Empty patchsets are considered to have applied cleanly
+ xml: Ensure patches always have version details set
+ xml: Find the minimal set of changes when part of a document is replaced
+ xml: If validate-with is missing, we find the most recent schema that accepts it and go from there
+ xml: Introduce a 'move' primitive for v2 patch sets
+ xml: Preserve the attribute order in the patch for subsequent digest validation
+ xml: Resolve memory leak when logging xml blobs
+ xml: Update xml validation to allow '<node type=remote />'
* Thu Feb 13 2014 David Vossel <> Pacemaker-1.1.11-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 33f9d09
- Changesets: 462
@@ -798,15 +983,6 @@
+ A new tool for simulating failures and the cluster’s reaction to them
+ Ability to serialize an otherwise unrelated a set of resource actions (eg. Xen migrations)
* Wed Feb 10 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.7-4
- Rebuild for heartbeat 3.0.2-2
* Wed Feb 10 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.7-3
- Rebuild for cluster-glue 1.0.3
* Tue Jan 19 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.7-2
- Rebuild for corosync 1.2.0
* Mon Jan 18 2010 Andrew Beekhof <> - 1.0.7-1
- Update source tarball to revision: 2eed906f43e9 (stable-1.0) tip
- Statistics:
@@ -1742,7 +1918,7 @@
+ Medium: pengine: Bug 1820 - Allow the first resource in a group to be migrated
+ Medium: pengine: Bug 1820 - Check the colocation dependancies of resources to be migrated
* Mon Jan 14 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.0-2
* Mon Jan 14 2008 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.0-1
- This is the first release of the Pacemaker Cluster Resource Manager formerly part of Heartbeat.
- For those looking for the GUI, mgmtd, CIM or TSA components, they are now found in
the new pacemaker-pygui project. Build dependancies prevent them from being
@@ -1827,6 +2003,3 @@
+ snmp subagent: use the syslog setting
+ snmp: v2 support (thanks to Keisuke MORI)
+ snmp_subagent - made it not complain about some things if shutting down
* Mon Dec 10 2007 Andrew Beekhof <> - 0.6.0-1
- Initial opensuse package check-in
@@ -1 +1 @@
m4_define([VERSION_NUMBER], [1.1.11])
m4_define([VERSION_NUMBER], [1.1.12])

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