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Doc: Pacemaker Explained: Add nagios resource class

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@@ -23,14 +23,15 @@ that the author is comfortable with.
-There are five classes of agents supported by Pacemaker:
+There are six classes of agents supported by Pacemaker:
* Upstart
* Systemd
* Fencing
* Service
+* Nagios
@@ -183,6 +184,23 @@ There is also an additional class, STONITH, which is used exclusively
for fencing related resources. This is discussed later in
+=== Nagios Plugins ===
+indexterm:[Resource,Nagios Plugins]
+indexterm:[Nagios Plugins,Resources]
+Nagios plugins allow us to monitor services on the remote hosts.
+[Nagios Plugins].
+Pacemaker is able to do remote monitoring with the plugins _if they are
+An use case is to configure them as resources belonging to a resource
+container, which usually is a VM, and the container will be restarted
+if any of them has failed. While they can also be configured as ordinary
+resources to be just used for monitoring hosts or services via network.
+The supported parameters are same as the long options of a nagios plugin.
== Resource Properties ==

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