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@kgaillot kgaillot released this Mar 4, 2019 · 289 commits to 2.0 since this release

  • Features added since Pacemaker-2.0.0

    • Pacemaker bundles support podman for container management
    • fencing: SBD may be used in a cluster that has guest nodes or bundles
    • fencing: fencing history is synchronized among all nodes
    • fencing: stonith_admin has option to clear fence history
    • tools: crm_mon can show fencing action failures and history
    • tools: crm_resource --clear supports new --expired option
    • Pacemaker Remote: new options to restrict TLS Diffie-Hellman prime length
  • Changes since Pacemaker-2.0.0

    • scheduler: clone notifications could be scheduled for a stopped
      Pacemaker Remote node and block all further cluster actions
      (regression since 2.0.0)
    • libcrmcommon: correct behavior for completing interrupted live migrations
      (regression since 2.0.0)
    • tools: crm_resource -C could fail to clean up all failures in one run
      (regression since 2.0.0)
    • Pacemaker Remote: avoid unnecessary downtime when moving resource to
      Pacemaker Remote node that fails to come up (regression since 1.1.18)
    • tools: restore stonith_admin ability to confirm unseen nodes are down
      (regression since 1.1.12)
    • build: minor logging fixes to allow compatibility with GCC 9 -Werror
    • build: spec file now puts XML schemas in new pacemaker-schemas package
    • build: spec file now provides virtual pcmk-cluster-manager package
    • pacemaker-attrd: wait a short time before re-attempting failed writes
    • pacemaker-attrd: ignore attribute delays when writing after node (re-)join
    • pacemaker-attrd: start new election immediately if writer is lost
    • pacemaker-attrd: clear election dampening when the writer leaves
    • pacemaker-attrd: detect alert configuration changes when CIB is replaced
    • CIB: inform originator of CIB upgrade failure
    • controller: support resource agents that require node name even for meta-data
    • controller: don't record pending clone notifications in CIB
    • controller: DC detects completion of another node's shutdown more accurately
    • controller: shut down DC if unable to update node attributes
    • controller: handle corosync peer/join notifications for new node in any order
    • controller: clear election dampening when DC is lost
    • executor: cancel recurring monitors if fence device registration is lost
    • fencing: check for fence device update when resource defaults change
    • fencing: avoid pacemaker-fenced crash possible with stonith_admin misuse
    • fencing: limit fencing history to 500 entries
    • fencing: stonith_admin now complains if no action option is specified
    • pacemakerd: do not modify kernel.sysrq on Linux
    • scheduler: regression test compatibility with glib 2.59.0
    • scheduler: avoid unnecessary recovery of cleaned guest nodes and bundles
    • scheduler: ensure failures causing fencing not expired until fencing done
    • scheduler: start unique clone instances in numerical order
    • scheduler: convert unique clones to anonymous clones when not supported
    • scheduler: associate pending tasks with correct clone instance
    • scheduler: ensure bundle clone notifications are directed to correct host
    • scheduler: avoid improper bundle monitor rescheduling or fail count clearing
    • scheduler: honor asymmetric orderings even when restarting
    • scheduler: don't order non-DC shutdowns before DC fencing
    • ACLs: assume unprivileged ACL user if can't get user info
    • Pacemaker Remote: get Diffie-Hellman prime bit length from GnuTLS API
    • libcrmservice: cancel DBus call when cancelling systemd/upstart actions
    • libcrmservice: order systemd resources relative to pacemaker_remote
    • libpe_status: add public API constructor/destructor for pe_working_set_t
    • tools: fix crm_resource --clear when lifetime was used with ban/move
    • tools: fix crm_resource --move when lifetime was used with previous move
    • tools: make crm_mon CIB connection errors non-fatal if previously successful
    • tools: improve crm_mon messages when generating HTML output
    • tools: crm_mon cluster connection failure is now "critical" in nagios mode
    • tools: crm_mon listing of standby nodes shows if they have active resources
    • tools: crm_diff now ignores attribute ordering when comparing in CIB mode
    • tools: improve crm_report detection of logs, CIB directory, and processes
    • tools: crm_verify returns reliable exit codes
    • tools: crm_simulate resource history uses same name as live cluster would
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