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  • Features added since Pacemaker-2.0.1

    • tools: crm_resource --validate can get resource parameters from command line
    • tools: crm_resource --clear prints out any cleared constraints
    • tools: new crm_rule tool for checking rule expiration (experimental)
    • tools: stonith_admin supports XML output for machine parsing (experimental)
    • resources: new HealthIOWait resource agent for node health tracking
  • Changes since Pacemaker-2.0.1

    • Important security fixes for CVE-2018-16878, CVE-2018-16877, CVE-2019-3885
    • build: crm_report bug report URL is now configurable at build time
    • build: private libpengine/libtransitioner libraries combined as libpacemaker
    • controller: avoid memory leak when duplicate monitor is scheduled
    • scheduler: respect order constraints when resources are being probed
    • scheduler: one group stop shouldn't make another required
    • libcrmcommon: handle out-of-range integers in configuration better
    • libcrmcommon: export logfile environment variable if using default
    • libcrmservice: fix use-after-free memory error in alert handling
    • libstonithd: handle more than 64KB output from fence agents
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