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Low: pgsql: fix to be used valid charcters when the invalid character…

…s is used in replication_slot_name.

If invalid characters are contained in replication_slot_name, return OCF_ERR_CONFIGURED.
If their are contained in the node name, convert them to valid characters.
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ytakeshita committed Jan 7, 2016
1 parent 57da2c6 commit 2082a7aae951b6940ff869158a593b7a78ed0335
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@@ -375,10 +375,14 @@ This is optional for replication.
<parameter name="replication_slot_name" unique="0" required="0">
<longdesc lang="en">
Set this option when using replication slots.
Can only use lower case letters, numbers and underscore for replication_slot_name.
When the master node has 1 slave node,one replication slot would be created with the name "replication_slot_name".
When the master node has 2 or more slave nodes,the replication slots would be created for each node, with the name adding the node name as postfix.
For example, replication_slot_name is "sample" and 2 slaves which are "node_a" and "node_b" connect to
their slots, the slots names are "sample_node_a" and "sample_node_b".
For example, replication_slot_name is "sample" and 2 slaves which are "node1" and "node2" connect to
their slots, the slots names are "sample_node1" and "sample_node2".
If the node name contains a upper case letter, hyphen and dot, those characters will be converted to a lower case letter or an underscore.
For example, to node_1_example_com.
pgsql RA doesn't monitor and delete the repliation slot.
When the slave node has been disconnected in failure or the like, execute one of the following manually.
@@ -1325,6 +1329,9 @@ create_replication_slot_name() {
for target in $NODE_LIST
if [ "$target" != "$NODENAME" ]; then
# The Uppercase, "-" and "." don't allow to use in slot_name.
# If the NODENAME contains them, convert upper case to lower case and "_" and "." to "_".
target=`echo "$target" | tr '[A-Z.-]' '[a-z__]'`
replication_slot_name_list="$replication_slot_name_list_tmp $replication_slot_name"
@@ -1501,6 +1508,7 @@ reload_conf() {

user_recovery_conf() {
local number_of_nodes
local nodename_tmp

# put archive_cleanup_command and recovery_end_command only when defined by user
if [ -n "$OCF_RESKEY_archive_cleanup_command" ]; then
@@ -1515,7 +1523,8 @@ user_recovery_conf() {
if [ $number_of_nodes -le 2 ]; then
echo "primary_slot_name = '${OCF_RESKEY_replication_slot_name}'"
echo "primary_slot_name = '${OCF_RESKEY_replication_slot_name}_$NODENAME'"
nodename_tmp=`echo "$NODENAME" | tr '[A-Z.-]' '[a-z__]'`
echo "primary_slot_name = '${OCF_RESKEY_replication_slot_name}_$nodename_tmp'"
@@ -1866,6 +1875,12 @@ pgsql_validate_all() {
ocf_exit_reason "Replication slot needs PostgreSQL 9.4 or higher."

echo "$OCF_RESKEY_replication_slot_name" | grep -q -e [^a-z0-9_]
if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
ocf_exit_reason "Invalid replication_slot_name($OCF_RESKEY_replication_slot_name). only use lower case letters, numbers, and the underscore character."


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