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Low: SendArp: Add more detailed RA description to metadata

Signed-off-by: Tim Serong <>
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1 parent 331d550 commit b830dd4831d4a41ea58ffa1531f85dea71d975ee @tserong tserong committed Apr 29, 2011
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@@ -75,22 +75,27 @@ sendarp_meta_data() {
<longdesc lang="en">
-This script send out gratuitous Arp for an IP address
+This RA can be used _instead_ of the IPaddr2 or IPaddr RA to
+send gratuitous ARP for an IP address on a given interface,
+without adding the address to that interface. For example,
+if for some resaon you wanted to send gratuitous ARP for
+addresses managed by IPaddr2 or IPaddr on an additional
<shortdesc lang="en">Broadcasts unsolicited ARP announcements</shortdesc>
<parameter name="ip" unique="0" required="1">
<longdesc lang="en">
-The IP address for sending arp package.
+The IP address for sending ARP packet.
<shortdesc lang="en">IP address</shortdesc>
<content type="string" default="" />
<parameter name="nic" unique="0" required="1">
<longdesc lang="en">
-The nic for sending arp package.
+The NIC for sending ARP packet.
<shortdesc lang="en">NIC</shortdesc>
<content type="string" default="" />

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