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Commits on Nov 28, 2002
  1. We had a problem with local status updates getting all hosed sometimes

    alan authored
    (depending on timing).  This greatly simplifies the management of
    local status, and even takes a field out of the heartbeat packet.
    A fix like this was suggested by Horms.
    CVS patchset: 1521
    CVS date: 2002/11/28 17:10:05
    extra : convert_revision : 0e89cc594409f0c2139f27338b10bdb84d1026a5
Commits on Nov 21, 2002
  1. Added a dummy version of the SNMP code from Yixiong Zou.

    alan authored
    CVS patchset: 1509
    CVS date: 2002/11/21 05:14:43
    extra : convert_revision : 3c6b8ae2e6d1d3ca8c779e2d22eb9696b5925daf
Commits on Nov 5, 2002
  1. Added check for termio before includeing termio.h

    msoffen authored
    CVS patchset: 1498
    CVS date: 2002/11/05 19:32:54
    extra : convert_revision : d5570982e15e412f102d061fa031280e5321767c
Commits on Nov 4, 2002
  1. Added IPsrcaddr resource script to CVS.

    alan authored
    Coincidentally, picked up code to look for the strerror function.
    CVS patchset: 1491
    CVS date: 2002/11/04 17:27:32
    extra : convert_revision : 23b12827908f4453339b8c63a0ba01ece9ced40d
Commits on Oct 28, 2002
  1. Fixing the nfds_t problem that Matt introduced, also getting rid of the

    alan authored
    brk() call test (it was all wrongheaded).
    CVS patchset: 1469
    CVS date: 2002/10/28 17:15:00
    extra : convert_revision : 4f858a54d0919fb0c4b6d86a83704c23c3f17afd
Commits on Oct 25, 2002
  1. Created SYS_INCLUDE for the "system" specific includes - /usr/local/i…

    msoffen authored
    Mostly used by Solaris and FreeBSD.
    CVS patchset: 1466
    CVS date: 2002/10/25 20:04:22
    extra : convert_revision : ed641749e44cb449691b81ad1e5e956282ce048e
Commits on Oct 23, 2002
  1. Provide configure options to turn on and of fatal and traditional war…

    horms authored
    …nings. I think these used to be in here.
    CVS patchset: 1461
    CVS date: 2002/10/23 07:26:53
    extra : convert_revision : 9668a18acbd7e087de9c03dd7c8678785a047ee5
Commits on Oct 21, 2002
  1. hb api clients may now be built outside of the heartbeat tree

    horms authored
    CVS patchset: 1440
    CVS date: 2002/10/21 10:17:17
    extra : convert_revision : b9f41c9de9119ba4a759395ce9e7efa8e1554928
Commits on Oct 18, 2002
  1. Updated the version to 0.4.9f

    alan authored
    CVS patchset: 1433
    CVS date: 2002/10/18 12:33:24
    extra : convert_revision : 1e9a701ab84975eff27c7a48d0ec67d060e4fb25
Commits on Oct 11, 2002
  1. Got rid of some extra lines in that have probably been c…

    alan authored
    various kinds of warnings.
    CVS patchset: 1416
    CVS date: 2002/10/11 00:57:12
    extra : convert_revision : 261fda22de4b6c928421908f57bfdaf7ef30d7bd
Commits on Oct 10, 2002
  1. Minor fix for LIBRT .

    msoffen authored
    CVS patchset: 1414
    CVS date: 2002/10/10 14:39:38
    extra : convert_revision : 97ee117220b58a768149af53b4d68b519802953f
  2. start stop has moved from heartbeat/resource.d/ to doc/

    horms authored
    CVS patchset: 1412
    CVS date: 2002/10/10 00:50:25
    extra : convert_revision : a83657a6baf4e06a368add42208e23e0772161a3
Commits on Oct 8, 2002
  1. An attempt to fix Matt's problem which appears to be the result of dr…

    alan authored
    privileges incorrectly.
    CVS patchset: 1405
    CVS date: 2002/10/08 03:40:37
    extra : convert_revision : 6596547f06b4168f912c3352b55c843de10d3693
Commits on Oct 7, 2002
  1. Put in changes to mark the diff-ed section of the file

    alan authored
    be marked clearly so people don't mess with it.
    CVS patchset: 1401
    CVS date: 2002/10/07 21:42:42
    extra : convert_revision : 626126b414481f9ad42eed40bf20e863ce983c07
Commits on Oct 1, 2002
  1. Moved oc_event.h to the OCF directory and added oc_membership.h

    alan authored
    CVS patchset: 1383
    CVS date: 2002/10/01 20:03:09
    extra : convert_revision : cfeb1814d54bc2429267bdf60a6d99c204f97d54
Commits on Sep 30, 2002
  1. I had LIBRT check backasswards.

    msoffen authored
    CVS patchset: 1381
    CVS date: 2002/09/30 17:53:12
    extra : convert_revision : 8d070d43a35f127a5bd7fac3d688f98724f897bf
  2. Created intermediate LIBRT to link LIBRT with (since there IS no libr…

    msoffen authored
    … in
    freebsd.  It checks, if HAVE_LIBRT is set, then it sets LIBRT to -lrt, else
    it uses nothing.
    CVS patchset: 1378
    CVS date: 2002/09/30 07:07:24
    extra : convert_revision : a0a53919c43dda14f752e79ac49490a66e9db43d
Commits on Sep 26, 2002
  1. This seems to work better on my system. It also more closely matches …

    horms authored
    …the messages displayed by other checks
    CVS patchset: 1370
    CVS date: 2002/09/26 03:50:20
    extra : convert_revision : 5766cafeb684926f5e6e938fa7384c6db6c28d72
  2. Made the 2.53 patch work again.

    alan authored
    Added code for preallocating a little memory before locking
    ourselves into memory.
    Added a new poll routine to be used in place of the system
    poll routine (for the cases we can do this).
    Changed apphbd to use it, and added code to allow
    heartbeat to use it (requires 2.5 kernel).
    Minor realtime fixes:
    	use write instead of fwrite
    	Don't open FIFO to client for each msg to them.
    Fixed a bug in apphbd where it complain and loop when
    clients disconnected unexpectedly.
    Added apphbd change to allow clients to specify warn times.
    Changed "client disconnected without telling us" from
    an error to a warning
    CVS patchset: 1369
    CVS date: 2002/09/26 03:28:46
    extra : convert_revision : f57a7bb2c60c0c0cbe121e6ee86793635dbf0955
Commits on Sep 24, 2002
  1. Fixed to remove warnings on FreeBSD ( Also eliminated need for acconf…

    msoffen authored
    …ig.h ).
    CVS patchset: 1365
    CVS date: 2002/09/24 17:11:17
    extra : convert_revision : 0cace9a238123c5a6c7904f099795dc9c3a449ed
Commits on Sep 17, 2002
  1. Put in dependencies on ping in configure file and heartbeat spec file.

    alan authored
    CVS patchset: 1353
    CVS date: 2002/09/17 15:21:38
    extra : convert_revision : 13750f0e31b9dbef6d0da1ecb6c7c7b36c3fc253
Commits on Sep 13, 2002
  1. Modified for Solaris by includeing Strings.h (Do NOT put into portabi…

    msoffen authored
    because on linux strings.h should not be used WITH string.h .
    CVS patchset: 1342
    CVS date: 2002/09/13 14:37:26
    extra : convert_revision : 0416ddd2f307fa1bdaa535198240dc4c80c9a5d7
Commits on Sep 11, 2002
  1. Put in a patch to make configure work correctly on slackware.

    alan authored
    CVS patchset: 1325
    CVS date: 2002/09/11 17:43:41
    extra : convert_revision : ff5806d704671ae07438a903bb76e02cb53f247b
Commits on Sep 10, 2002
  1. Put in a test to see if net/ethernet.h is present on the build system.

    alan authored
    Also used this check in the get_hw_addr code.
    CVS patchset: 1316
    CVS date: 2002/09/10 21:59:01
    extra : convert_revision : a0d660d5b77b2e3289d99d28cc3f5777c6269ece
  2. Added code, modified code to move to a common set of logging functions

    alan authored
    - cl_log() and friends.
    CVS patchset: 1315
    CVS date: 2002/09/10 21:50:06
    extra : convert_revision : d3fa49036cb3a17f638df03e7162b8b1eaa0f662
  3. Adding the Alphasort function for future use. We may not need it but …

    msoffen authored
    …it shouldn't
    hurt anything having it defined.
    CVS patchset: 1308
    CVS date: 2002/09/10 16:08:10
    extra : convert_revision : 9922428a79f141457ce3e9f5a614002c06bbb199
  4. Put in some build patches from Kevin Dwyer for OpenBSD.

    alan authored
    It isn't everything he gave me, but one of the fixes breaks Linux.
    CVS patchset: 1302
    CVS date: 2002/09/10 03:31:52
    extra : convert_revision : 966d6cf3e36a70f10ac86389acff2971fd2652e6
Commits on Sep 9, 2002
  1. Put in a change which makes the heartbeat Makefile work correctly

    alan authored
    with some particular toolset versions for the old libnet for
    send_arp and get_hw_addr().
    CVS patchset: 1300
    CVS date: 2002/09/09 21:00:28
    extra : convert_revision : 9f07122648d070dffa48957ee62470c817cd9022
  2. Put in some code to automatically apply the autoconf patch

    alan authored
    for version 2.53 when needed - or unapply it as appropriate.
    Also applied a patch from Nathan Wallwork for another autoconf/make
    version compatibility problem.
    CVS patchset: 1296
    CVS date: 2002/09/09 16:44:57
    extra : convert_revision : 973521615d307ef4416d29e68470314316ceb73a
  3. Added Kevin Dwyer's ipfail program to the make process.

    alan authored
    CVS patchset: 1295
    CVS date: 2002/09/09 13:10:28
    extra : convert_revision : 71dca512392be9d97ac5f02ea397f2e1d2e7e367
Commits on Sep 5, 2002
  1. Changed the autoconf stuff to deal with the fact that the new libnet

    alan authored
    doesn't have libnet-config.
    CVS patchset: 1287
    CVS date: 2002/09/05 07:04:50
    extra : convert_revision : 97a61a75af0e4f2bce375f8d2c5d905f81f9374c
  2. Put code into to detect which version of the libnet

    alan authored
    API is present in the installed libnet library.
    CVS patchset: 1283
    CVS date: 2002/09/05 04:15:08
    extra : convert_revision : 984924c26ee870c9c64b50d7c3b32ea8d545cc2f
Commits on Aug 20, 2002
  1. Changed the STONITH code to be based on the new plugin system.

    alan authored
    CVS patchset: 1258
    CVS date: 2002/08/20 16:12:46
    extra : convert_revision : 386a9f2110fbdd94dd8442808db63045a11836e9
  2. Added -A opt for IFCONFIG_A_OPT for OpenBSD (-A shows Alias addresses…

    msoffen authored
    …, -a doesn't)
    CVS patchset: 1255
    CVS date: 2002/08/20 15:46:17
    extra : convert_revision : bb1bc1131b1e88d29b2f6b6bb9a333c6de7c79ba
Commits on Aug 18, 2002
  1. Made PILS configuration more flexible.

    alan authored
    Changed to a PATH for the plugin directories.
    Moved the default PILS plugins to /usr/lib/pils/plugins.
    Included that directory by default.
    CVS patchset: 1248
    CVS date: 2002/08/18 01:35:54
    extra : convert_revision : e71c7fdaf33db5fa27b486bc17ad83dfa7490872
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