Low: apache: Add pidfile directive when not present in config file #214

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Resolves: rhbz#915050


Hi davidvossel ,
I already try both config on both file in my test server.
but still got same error about kill process id on ha-debug,
so my os is RHEL5.8 amd64 bit ,
Apache = 2.2.3-76
Heartbeat and lib = 3.0.5
pacemaker and lib = 1.0.12
resource-agent = 3.9.3-1

 Shall I need to modify another file or not ?

Looking forward to hearing your feedback .


I'm not sure what you are experiencing is related to what this patch fixes or not.

This patch fixes an issue where the apache resource agent can not locate the pidfile on startup, because of this startup fails even though apache launch successfully. This patch tells apache to put the pidfile in a place we want it to be instead of guessing where apache puts it by default.

On Redhat box show in crm

r_httpd_start_0 (node=node00, call=20, rc=1, status=complete): unknown error

This error log from ha-debug

apache(r_httpd)[7708]: 2013/03/27_22:20:20 INFO: apache not running
apache(r_httpd)[7708]: 2013/03/27_22:20:20 INFO: waiting for apache /etc/conf/httpd.conf to come up
Mar 27 22:20:22 node00 lrmd: [9431]: info: RA output: (r_httpd:start:stderr) /usr/lib/ocf/resource.d//heartbeat/apache: line 212: kill: (7788) - No such process

apache(r_httpd)[7708]: 2013/03/27_22:20:22 INFO: Killing apache PID 7788
apache(r_httpd)[7708]: 2013/03/27_22:20:22 INFO: apache stopped.
Mar 27 22:20:22 node00 lrmd: [9431]: info: operation start[70] on r_httpd for client 9434: pid 7708 exited with return code 1


So, this is a problem that you had before this patch, not something this patch introduced, correct?

Based on your log output this does look similar to what this patch is trying to fix. Perhaps try and set the PidFile option in httpd.conf and see if that helps. You may want to raise this question on the ha-linux mailing list "General Linux-HA mailing list" linux-ha@lists.linux-ha.org

ahh this time seem Ok,
After open server-status configure on httpd.conf

it could start httpd via heartbeat service now.
But I still confuse this kind of case not happend with Centos5.8

On Centos 5.8 even though close for "server-status" configure on httpd.conf
It could start httpd via heartbeat normally.

Thank you for your feedback everytime.



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