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Got the work from the previous developer and did some tweaking.

Martin Walter and others added some commits Jul 15, 2011
Martin Walter The deletion of the primary IP via the ip command will also remove th…
…e secondary IP. Thus, trying to delete the secondary IP after the primary IP was deleted will result in an error. This fix assures that delete_interface() will only result in an error if ' addr delete' has failed and the ip is still listed in addr show.
Martin Walter Adds the RA for the redis service, based on that of mysql. Supports m…
…aster/slave configurations of a depth of 1.
@coredump coredump Redis resource agent, now fully functional a4a5b6b

Please consider rephrasing this, and escape (or omit) "$". Name of the redis binary. Use an absolute path if the binary is not resolvable via \$PATH perhaps.


Useless error message.


I was using it for testing and forgot to remove.


Are you sure you need to filter on the output? Would it be possible to act on the exit code instead?


Unfortunately not. When redis is loading or starting up and you try to set it as slave to someone it returns that it can't do it because of the loading, but the exit status is 0. This was the main bug on the RA.

Fair enough, just checking.

This hangs on redis version 1.2.0 (used on Ubuntu Lucid)... it doesn't appear that the "loading:" parameter is available. A better logic might be to determine if the line is there or not, then 'cut' the value out and compare, otherwise just continue.


Is #37 superseding this one?

krig commented Jan 8, 2015

This request should be closed as it is superseded by the request in #212.



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