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Anvil! m2 - Striker + ScanCore v2.0.1

Welcome to the v2.0.0 release of the Anvil! m2 Intelligent Availability™ platform!

What is an Anvil! Platform?

  • It is the first server platform designed with the singular focus of protecting your servers and keeping them running under even extreme fault conditions.
  • It is fully self-contained, making it ideal for totally offline operation.
  • It is a "self driving" server availability platform that can continuously monitors internal and external data sources, compiling, analyzing and autonomously deciding when and what action to take to protect your servers. It is ideally suited for extended remote deployments and "hands off" operation.
  • It is based on an extensively field tested, open architecture with full data, mechanical and electrical redundancy allowing any component to be failed, removed and replaced without the need for a maintenance window. The ANvil! platform has over five years of real-world deployment over dozens of sites and an historic uptime of over 99.9999%.
  • It is extremely easy to use, minimizing the opportunity for human error and making it as simple as possible for "remote hands" to affect repairs and replacements without any prior availability experience and minimal technical knowledge.

In short, it is a server platform that just won't die.

  • How do you build an Anvil!?

It's quite easy, but it does require a little more space than a README allows for.

The Anvil! was designed and extensively tested on Primergy servers, Brocade ICX switches and APC SmartUPS UPSes and Switched PDUs. That said, the Anvil! platform is designed to be hardware agnostic and should work just fine on Dell, Cisco USC, NEC, Lenovo x-series, and other tier-1 server vendors.

Alteeve, the company behind the Anvil! project, actively supports the open source community. We also offer commercial support contracts to assist with any stage of deployment, operation and custom development.