Striker; The Anvil! Intelligent Availability™ Platform
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Latest commit add4120 Jan 12, 2017 @digimer digimer * The tools/striker-change-password tool can now change striker dashb…
…oard passwords! It still can't change Anvil! passwords yet, though.

** This primarily fixed problems with the shell calls and, more specifically, escaping ' and " characters in passwords.
** Fixed a bug where return codes from system shell calls were not working (used $! instead of $?), plus a few other minor bugs.
** Added support for '-y' / '--yes' to avoid being prompted to confirm the password change.

Signed-off-by: Digimer <>

Striker v2.0.0 - beta

Striker is the user interface for the Anvil! "Intelligent Availability(tm)" platform. It includes 'ScanCore' and associated agents which provide the ever-growing intelligence that makes the Anvil! the next-generation of high availability server platforms.

Version 2.0.0 is now in beta!

Anyone interested in testing out the new system is welcome to contact us. We will be happy to help users get their Anvil! systems up and running in exchange for helping us refine and stabilize the platform. Once Striker hits final release, all beta participants will be eligable for 3 months of 24x7 monitoring by Alteeve, as our thank you for helping us make Striker even better.

Online Documentation

A core component of the beta to final transition will be the completion of the associated documentation. For now, the only complete documentation is the old stand-alone high-availability platform linked below. This section will be updated as the documentation progresses.


The Anvil! is supported commercially and in the open source tradition. Alteeve is a member of the "Cluster Labs" open source high availability community. Users can find support on's '#clusterlabs' IRC channel and on the 'Cluster Labs - Users' mailing list:

Commercial support and 24x7x365 monitoring is available: