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Famicom Dumper/Writer

WARNING! This project is deprecated. It's highly recommended to use new project:


This is simple dumper/writer for Famicom cartridges.


You can use it to:

  • Dump cartridges, so you can play copy of your cartridge on emulator
  • Read/write battery backed saves, so you can continue your saved game on emulator/console
  • Write special cartridges like COOLGIRL
  • Rewrite ultracheap chinese COOLBOY cartridges. Soldering required but it's very simple.
  • Test your cartridges
  • Some reverse engineering
  • Anything else that requires Famicom bus simulation

Schematics and parts list


You need:

  • ATMEGA64
  • FT232RL
  • 60-pin edge socket
  • Printed circuit board, you can order one using files in "board" or "board2" folders.
  • Some capacitors
  • Maybe some leds

That's all!

How to compile firmware

All you need is WinAVR. Just type "make hex" in command line to compile firmware or bootloader.

How to build it

You need to flash ATMEGA64 microcontroll using any AVR programmer. It's recommended to program bootloader first, so you can flash/update firmware via USB. I'm using bootloader by Martin Thomas, you can use already configured one in bootloader folder. There are fuses for it:

  • LFUSE = E4
  • HFUSE = DC
  • EFUSE = FF

You can program it using command like "make program PROGRAMMER_TYPE=avrisp2 PROGRAMMER_PORT=usb" from bootloader folder. Don't forget to replace avrisp2 and usb with you programmer type and port.

Connect device to USB and PC will detect it as virtual serial port. First 8 seconds after power up bootloader is active (all leds are on), so you can program main firmware.

You can use command "make program PROGRAMMER_PORT=COM10" to program main firmware. Replace COM10 with port assigned to your dumper (you can use Windows device manager to see it).

Also it's recommended to reprogram FT232 chip using FT_PROG util to change device name to "Famicom Dumper/Programmer", so it can be detected automatically by software.

That's all! You can use it now.

How to use it

Now you need PC-side client to use it:

How to rewrite COOLBOY cartridges

There are ultracheap chinese COOLBOY cartridges like "400 in 1" or "198 in 1". You can buy them on eBay or Aliexpress. And yes, there is flash memory, so you can rewrite it.

But you need to unsolder pins /OE and /WE and connect them to TCK and TDO pins on JTAG connector:


Don't forget to solder pins back before using cartridge.


Famicom Dumper/Programmer (deprecated)







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