@ClusterM ClusterM released this Jan 25, 2017

Assets 4
  • Folders/pages support! No more games limit. hakchi2 will automatically create folders and sort games alphabetically. Tested with 600+ ROMs. Everything working fine including savestates. You can select maximum games per page/folder but it's recommended to limit it to 30-35.
  • Multistep uploading. NES Mini can't handle huge kernel with hundreds of ROMs. So hakchi2 will split it up and upload in sequence. Just follow onscreen instructions.
  • Mass cover downloading. You can download covers for all games at once using first image on Google. You can find this feature in "File" menu.
  • IPS patcher can enlarge ROMs now ("index out of bounds" bug fixed).
  • New patches for problem games.
  • New confirmed mapper - 86. Also games with mappers 88, 95 and 206 will be patched automatically.
  • Global command line arguments. You can add some argument(s) for all games at once, including original ones. For example: add "--ppu-palette=2" to make all games black and white.
  • Support for ZIP, 7z and RAR archives. You don't need unpack every ROM now.
  • Support for some bad ROMs with invalid size.
  • Full Famicom Mini support: Japanese font and customizable original games list (thanks to xsnake!)
  • Autofire! Enable it via menu, hold Select+A/B for a second to enable autofire on A/B. Also X/Y buttons on classic controller will act as autofire A/B.
  • Start button simulation for second controller. Hold Up+A+B to press Start. It's workaround for some USA games on Famicom Mini. Don't forget to enable it via menu.
  • Option to disable menu music.
  • Minor design fixes.
  • Other minor improvements.