Assets 4

Sorry guys, I have not answered you messages for a while. I was really inspired by this project and totally lose my grip on reality. Finally there is new version.

There are many internal changes. Madmonkey and me updated hakchi scripts, so it's possible to install mods now. Everybody can create, share and download different mods like additional software, themes, e.g. it's possible to add and replace any files inside NES Classic Mini. You can even create mod to turn your NES Mini in Famicom Mini or translate Famicom Mini to English.

You need to put mods to "user_mods" folder and you can install and uninstall them via menu. Mods distributed as directory with files or ".hmod" file which is just ".tar.gz" archive. For this reason some features (like music disable feature) moved to user mods, you can use it as example. More detail documentation will be later, I hope. We need to relax a bit.

And our first downloadable mod is...

It's madmonkey's port of RetroArch emulator with my scripts for NES Mini integration. It will automatically detect unsupported NES games and launch them instead of default emulator. Exit to menu, save-states, etc. will work as usual. Also it can emulate SNES, Genesis, GBA and even Nintendo 64 (with Classic Controller, of course). It's weird to play N64 and Genesis games on NES, I know. That's why I made it as optional downloadable mod.

Since it's possible to install additional apps to NES Classic Mini hakchi2 can add not only ".nes" files. You can also add external ".desktop" files with all content and... any other file. Absolutely any file. But you'll need to enter full path to executable, so it's more like expert feature.
But there are bunch of predefined settings for formats like ".gbc", ".gba", ".gen", ".n64", etc. So you don't need to care about it if you wanna play other systems.

Additional changes:

  • Total folder control. You can use folder tree constructor now to create folders, select images, rename and move everything as you want. Or just select predefined automatic algorithm. Thanks to NeoRame for images!
  • Autofire feature updated a bit, since X and Y will be used often now.
  • Optimization for large amount of games.
  • Box art images will be load automatically if PNG or JPEG file with same name is available.
  • English font updated, many characters added, so games like "720°" or "Alien³" will be shown without problems. Japanese font updated too, thanks to snakex!
  • Game Genie database (thanks to Nhakin!), hakchi2 already contains database with many GG codes and you can import more from Nestopia.
  • Box art images are with correct aspect ration now.
  • Asiansteev fixed my terrible English :) Thanks!
  • Many other improvements.
  • Many fixes.

I hope that there are not so much bugs and you'll like it :)


  • Update FAQ
  • Translation tool
  • Maybe some feature to upload only changed/new games, not all games