@ClusterM ClusterM released this Feb 24, 2017

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Version 2.13e has fix for "forever-on-LED" bug. If you are using 2.13, 2.13b, 2.13c or 2.13d it's recommended to update. Sorry for buggy versions :(

What's new

  • Finally hakchi2 shows size of all selected games in main window. Why I have not done it before?
  • One font to rule them all. New font contains HUGE amount of characters now. Including Latin supplement, Cyrillic, Hiragana, Katakana, etc. So NES Mini and Famicom Mini uses the same font now and you can create folders with very unusual characters (in Russian, for example).
  • The main idea to separate hakchi2 from non-NES games failed, so it's optimized for 3rd path emulators now (i.e. RetroArch).
  • Added presets for Sega 32x and Game Gear games, without images yet.
  • "/bin/path-to-your-app" replaced by "/bin/ext" for unknown extensions.
  • Compression support! Since RetroArch can run games directly from archives it's possible now to compress non-NES games using 7-Zip. This feature enabled by default but you can disable it in the settings menu. Also you can add the whole archive (required by MAME games).
  • Fixed huge bug in folder manager when new folders were missed after first sync.
  • Some minor bugfixes.

Some important news

RetroArch mod has separate repository: https://github.com/ClusterM/retroarch-clover
I created only buggy sketch of this mod and granted full access to pcm720. And he did a really great job with tuning, optimization and core modules. Please update to the latest version:
And send bugreports to https://github.com/ClusterM/retroarch-clover/issues

And some other very good news. I discovered a way to access NES Mini's shell and memory directly without any soldering. It was the main problem: with current version of hakchi2 we can't read anything from NES Mini, we can only create script for writing and execute it. That's why hakchi2 has not any ability to check which games are installed, how many space left, backup save-states, upload only new games (without reuploading everything). It is surprising that we have not noticed this method before. So feature versions will be much better. But it requires a lot of work.


  • Translation tool
  • Update FAQ
  • Rewrite hakchi for using new methods