@ClusterM ClusterM released this Apr 17, 2017

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This release introduces some extra tools:

  • Save-State Manager. It will help you to transfer save-states from NES Mini to PC and vice-versa as well as delete unwanted save-states. Remember that save-states will be remained in the system ever after game is deleted, so this tool is very usefull to cleanup your NES Mini and free some space.
  • FTP Server! It will be helpfull for advanced users, this tool allows to transfer any files from/to NES Mini using any FTP client. So you can easyly dump original games from NES Mini, edit some configs, etc. And it will help you to cleanup system. I'll update FAQ soon.
  • Telnet Server. It provides access to NES Mini's command line interface. Basic Linux knowledge required.

Also there are some fixes and translations updates. There are some untranslated strings in French and Polish languages, I'll update them soon (waiting for translators).