@ClusterM ClusterM released this Oct 10, 2017 · 118 commits to stable since this release

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What's new:

  • Better games compatibility for SNES Mini (updated database of preset IDs, better LoROM/HiROM detection).
  • Built in database of problem games, so hakchi2 will ask you to switch to 3rd party emulator automatically (e.g. RetroArch).
  • Original games are not using extra memory space anymore, so we have some extra space for additional games (thanks to DanTheMan827!)
  • "remove_thumbnails" mod no longer slows down SNES Mini's startup (thanks to brian91292!)
  • Bundled with new mod "snes_custom_filters" which allows to disable scanlines in CRT mode or enable bilinear filter in 4:3 mode. Please read mod description before install.
  • Bundled with new mod "extra_space". This is experimental mod for SNES Mini which moves your save-states data to unused partition of NAND flash. This partition is only 50MB in size but it will free some space for games because SNES Mini's save-states are huge. Please read mod description before install.
  • Bugfixes.

Instructions for new users:

  • Install this app using hakchi2_web_installer.exe
  • Run it
  • Follow instructions


  • hakchi2_web_installer.exe - installer for non-portable version (recommended).
  • hakchi2.zip - classic portable version.
  • hakchi2_debug.zip - dubug version with verbose logging, download it to create bugreport for me.